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  1. Cal 36 or Ericson 35-2?

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    A couple plastic classics... Which would you rather race, take to sea in a swell, surf downwind, sail the Pacific in? Ericson 35-2 (1969) LWL: 26' Beam: 10' Displacement: 11,600 Draft: 4'11" Ballast (B/D): 5,000 (43%) Sail Area (SA/D): 534 (17) Cal 36 (1966) LWL: 27'...
  2. Ranger 33 or Ericson 35-2 for Offshore?

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hypothetical at this time... assuming equally good condition and price, which would you pick over the other, if offshore sailing were part of your plans? - and why? I can certainly think of other boats that I would rate higher for offshore but (insert some saying about if wishes were horses)...