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  1. Beneteau
    I've been trying to educate myself on the batteries and the charging system in my OC45. I initially thought there may have been an issue with the house batteries and was giving the dealer grief, but I now think they are fine. However I did find one problem with the Chargers. My boat shipped...
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    I am looking into changing my 2 deep cycle batteries that keep failing on me. any suggestions for a good battery, inboard charger setup for a 27ft sailboat that doesn't use to much power normally for 2-3 day trips. Always docked at marina with power when not in use
  3. Electrical Systems & Solar
    I have two group 27 AGMs dual purpose. So if I drain down my one bank (let's call it the #2 house) running miscellaneous stuff at anchor or under sail... is it harder for the boat to start on BOTH or 1? Does the lesser charged battery drag the start down? Or is it a combined supply? I'd rather...
  4. Electrical Systems & Solar
    Hi! I've read in many places that one of the advantages of AGM batteries is that they can be mounted in many odd positions that wet cells cannot. In every picture I've seen or account I've heard, however, they are always mounted just as a car battery would be. Has anyone actually mounted one in...
  5. Electrical Systems & Solar
    So I upgraded my Starting and House flooded cells (Group 27) to two Group 31 AGMs. Is there anything that I have to modify to accept these two batteries within the electrical system? I'm usually on a mooring, so it's not top of mind ... but I notice my pre-existing TrueCharge (Model 20 -...
  6. Gear & Maintenance
    I recently purchased the ProSport 12 battery charger and installed it on my Ranger 29. I have two newer (November, 2010) 12 volt deep-cycle batteries (these: ) and there was no charger on the boat before I purchased this one. There are three settings for...
1-6 of 6 Results