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  1. AIS antenna splitter question

    Good afternoon on this windy wet Sunday. I am considering getting a EM Track AIS with antenna splitter to use the excising masttop VHF antenna. I have a SH 2200 VHF with AIS receiver will this cause any problems since then the AIS transponder uses the same antenna as the VHF radio with AIS...
  2. Across The Indian Ocean, Jib block, Racor filter, Predict Wind

    Maintenance/How-to Videos
    Across The Indian Ocean to Chagos, AIS, Squalls, Fuel siphon... Across the Indian Ocean to Chagos, AIS, Squalls, Fuel siphon, How poor much of the world is.
  3. Sri Lanka to Chagos

    Cruising Videos
    1st of 2 parts. Use of AIS, Dealing with squalls, How poor 90 percent of the world is.
  4. Aids to navigation: which system?

    Seamanship & Navigation
    Hi all, first post here. I am trying to figure out if now a days, in the market, there is any VHF hand held radio with AIS (B) transceiver integrated? I have not been able to find one, as what I am looking is small device that can offer the 2 systems combined. I first thought in a AIS class B...
  5. VHF & AIS OPTIONS: Garmin vhf 200 w Garmin AIS 600 trxcvr vs Standard Horiz GX2200...

    VHF & AIS OPTIONS: Garmin vhf 200 w Garmin AIS 600 trxcvr vs Standard Horiz GX2200... VHF & AIS OPTIONS: Garmin vhf 200 w Garmin AIS 600 transceiver (share the vhf antenna) versus Standard Horizon GX2200 vhf(has its own AIS receiver only) with no additional AIS transceiver. (or maybe another...
  6. Autopilot + Anchor Windlass + AIS WiFi + GSM ALARM App control

    Apps & Authors
    Hi guys, I am Albert, the CEO of PiccoloMarine Start-up. :captain: I am excited to announce my crowdfunding campaign about my last creation at An app (iOS and Android) to command: The...
  7. NASA AIS Radar problem and firmware update

    I have enjoyed the benefits of my NASA AIS receiver and display for several years. I especially enjoy the fact that it is a low AH user and that it is a stand alone device, needing only GPS input. I now have a problem. When the unit is powered up it displays nearby targets as it always has...
  8. Does anyone have false alarms on Standard Horizon GX2000 (and possibly other GX2xxx)?

    There is a long thread in this forum about my search for the perfect AIS ( Thanks to the helpful contributions of several members, I found exactly that, the perfect solution (for me): Vesper Marine black box AIS combined...
  9. AIS Receiver installation

    I have just bought a new AIS Receiver - MXA-5000 and am trying to hook it up to my PC. MY PC uses C-map. I installed everything according to the instructions that came with the instrument. When I connect the AIS receiver to my computer and my VHF antenna, the AIS power light comes on but I...
  10. Raymarine E120 network issues

    We have a raymarine E120 chartplotter, the raymarine radar, raymarine below decks autopilot, sirius weather input, and a third party AIS transceiver running together. The more people work on them, the worse the problem gets. Generally, 1. The unit repeatedly gives warnings of "lost...
  11. AIS Unit for Raymarine Chartplotter System

    It is Boat Show time here in snowy Seattle. So I think it is time for me to purchase an AIS receiver to install in my C320. The type of sailing we do on busy Puget Sound and not so busy San Juan Island and Canadian Gulf Islands suggests that an AIS receiver would be a worthy upgrade. I have...