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  1. Seamanship & Navigation
    I’m new to sailing, and thus new to anchoring. The couple of times I’ve anchored overnight, I’ve used an app on my Android phone called Anchor Pro as an anchor alarm. It allows you to set two different swing radii for triggering the alarm- one radius for one range of bearings from the anchor...
  2. Diesel
    I have a YANMAR 2GM. My buzzer is on when the engine is not running. Two lights are also on. The sound is not as loud as a regular alarm. As soon as I have the engine running, all alarms stop. All systems are running fine.
  3. Diesel
    Hello All. I have recently purchased A Hans Christian 33T with a Yanmar 3QM30FG 30 HP. I have not had the boat in the water long and am still working out the bugs. I was cruising last night low RPM and my belt broke. I maneuvered the boat into a safe direction for maybe 3 minutes and shut her...
1-3 of 3 Results