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alberg 35

  1. 2016 Sailing Season on the Chesapeake

    Chesapeake Bay
    Another year, another late check in. Best wishes to all on another New Year and a wonderful season for sailing. Today is a boat work day for me.
  2. Alberg 35 Hull Painting Coverage

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hey everyone, I'm on the home stretch of a complete strip of my hull down to the gelcoat, and I thought I'd post a few pieces of information about paint coverage and surface area that I couldn't find anywhere before I started so that hopefully, the next time someone is googling around for info...
  3. Roller Furler for Alberg 35

    Gear & Maintenance
    I'm looking at the Harken MKIV Unit 1 for a 1965 Alberg 35. I just bought the boat after losing mine in Sandy last fall, and it's in Wisconsin and I'll be picking it up and sailing it back to Cleveland in May, so it has been a bit difficult to get all the measurements from the marina, as the...
  4. San Diego to Honolulu

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I am a long time reader, first time poster on sail net. I am considering doing a sailing trip as crew on a Alberg 35 from San Diego to Honolulu. We want to leave on February 20th. With that said, I am wondering how to best plan for weather and estimate the time it would take. Should...