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albin vega 27

  1. Offshore Baja Mexico in my Albin Vega A fun little Video!

    Cruising Videos
    Just a day in the life of cruising down the coast in Mexico. 20 Knt, Sun, and good music. Can't help but smile. ;) A few clips I edited out of my next upcoming video! This little one is just made to make you smile!:ship-captain:
  2. Check out my latest video.. Let me know what you think..

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Getting used to the new life cruising. Heading south. :)
  3. A great little spinnaker story

    Sailing Music
    Enjoyed making this video with someone special.
  4. Albin Vega Deck Gasket - Mast Reinforcement

    Gear & Maintenance
    I just purchased a 1971 Albin Vega. The price was amazing - so I expect to do quite a bit of work. I'm seeking someone with experience in replacing/re-sealing the gasket between the deck and hull. Can bolts be removed, deck lifted and full gasket replaced - OR - is there a much easier option...
  5. Williwa Southbound: Inside Passage Alaska to Puget Sound

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    The continuing saga of the Vega 27 "Williwa" cruising down the inside passage from Petersburg, AK to Puget Sound. Day 30: Many weather delays. Most recently we spent six days at an abandoned fishing camp in Rivers Inlet on Penrose Island waiting for gales to settle down so we could safely...