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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    Hey I have an Albin Vega and are currently working on rigging it for Blue water Crossing. I stand over an old John Adams Windpilot. It looks verry big and are quite Heavy. The rudder looks realy good, as it looks like it may be used as an emergency rudder aswell. The rudder can not move...
  2. Cruising Videos
    Just a day in the life of cruising down the coast in Mexico. 20 Knt, Sun, and good music. Can't help but smile. ;) A few clips I edited out of my next upcoming video! This little one is just made to make you smile!:ship-captain:
  3. Cruising Videos
    Finally made it into Southern California butr can't wait to get across the line! :2 boat:
  4. Cruising Videos
    Check out the latest video on Youtube! Solo Sailing an Albin Vega off the West Coast of Canada and USA. A Real Challenge to say the least... :)
  5. Cruising Videos
    Check out the new video and let me know what you think!
  6. Cruising Videos
    Chack out my latest video as I head offshore for a singlehanded 2500NM run in an Albin Vega 27'! :Luxury:
  7. Sailing Music
    Enjoyed making this video with someone special.
  8. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I received an email from an internet friend this morning. He was transporting his recently purchased Vega to her new home when a tire on the trailer blew out. The trailer is...
  9. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I am trying to help a friend with his new Old Boat. We had been corresponding and I was trying to help him find a boat. Every time he found one, it seemed, it would be sold before he could make an offer. I told him not to get discouraged and told him that there are boats out there for sale...
  10. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Matt Rutherford's historic nonstop, solo circumnavigation of the Americas has been discussed here before but if you missed it, here is a link. Matt contacted me to ask my help in selling his Albin Vega, hull #1147, St Brendan. The details are on the American Vega Association site. Matt would...
  11. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hey, Everybody! For years I've been reading Sailnet forum posts, and now I'm finally getting around to joining! I'm a liveaboard sailor on an Albin Vega, which I completely rebuilt myself. By "completely" I mean I gutted her, painted her, and did pretty much everything possible to bring her...
1-11 of 11 Results