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  1. Electrical Systems & Solar
    I'm trying to figure out if I can use a Delco 28SI alternator on a Volvo MD2030. It seems the original alternator and this one use a J180 mount. Is this all that's required or are there other considerations? New OEM 8600312 Delco 28SI 12v 160amp alternator is a J180 short Hinge Version,
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    A couple days ago, I noticed the voltmeter in the cockpit reading low (below 12 volts), then I noticed that battery 1 (which I use to run lights, electronics, etc.) was quite low (11.8 volts on the multimeter). Upon inspection, I found that the fuse on the line between the alternator and...
  3. Electrical Systems & Solar
    Hi all, I took off my alternator (61amp 10SI Delco-Remy) to gain access to part of my engine (63 hp Perkins 4.154) and while trying to unscrew the ground bolt, it sheared off! I've tried many things to get it unstuck, and just having no luck (circled in red). Even drilling out the bolt won't...
  4. Electrical Systems & Solar
    I have an Atomic 4 engine, and I think my alternator is on it's last legs. The amp meter only goes up to about 12.7 when the engine is on. I'm told that it should go up to 13.5-14. I was told I should take it out and bring it to "pep-boys", or some other auto parts store where they can check...
  5. Diesel
    Hi, I was wondering if the regulator in my alternator (westerbeke 12V 50amp) on my M25XPB has a sense wire which should be connected to the positive of the battery? It seems there is no such wire on my boat, so I was wondering how can the regulator sense the battery state then? Thank you so...
  6. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I am trying to remove one or both of the front mounted crankshaft pulleys to replace with a serpentine belt for a larger alternator. Looking at the front of the engine the first pulley (.5 inch Vee) has three bolts going through it, the next pulley is larger in diameter and has four bolts going...
1-6 of 6 Results