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  1. Gas tank leaking at fuel gauge gasket -- how to seal?

    Here's my situation: Boat is powered by the mighty Atomic 4 which, of course, runs on gas not diesel. Said gas is in an aluminum tank under the settee. There is an approx. 3" hole in the top of the tank for the sender of the fuel gauge; the plate holding the sender is shown in the attached...
  2. Environmental impact of Zinc/Magnesium Anodes

    Gear & Maintenance
    There was another thread dealing with choosing aluminum, zinc, or magnesium anodes for brackish waters. This same thread was discussed on another non-sailnet forum and the subject of using aluminum anodes came up because they supposedly have less of an "environmental impact". I had replied...
  3. repairing cracked mast with welding

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello everyone, About a week ago i posted regarding my mast which is cracked above the second spreaders ( and about 15 inches above the running back tangs). I came to the consensus, with advice from others including a rigger who i trust, that the cracks should be ground out, through welded and...
  4. corrosion in aluminum mast - options

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have recently un-stepped my mast in order to make a repair. Upon further inspection i have noticed a small area of galvanic corrosion above the cabin, on the forward side of the mast, where a stainless fitting was mounted. The corrosion has eaten a small hole, less than 1/4" in diameter...