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anchor locker

  1. Anchor storage

    Gear & Maintenance
    So I probably already know the answer but was hoping someone has come up with a clever solution. I have a Benetau 361 that I keep on a mooring. The arrangement of the bow chalks results in the pendants rubbing against the anchor pretty much constantly. This makes for a noisy nights sleep at...
  2. Anchor windlass installation on CS36T - What's your set-up?

    CS Yachts
    I want to add an electric windlass to my CS36T and would like know how other CS36t owners have done this and what you like and don't like about your set-up. -What kind of windlass have you got, vertical or horizontal? -How have you provided for a deep enough rode locker for the chain to fall...
  3. G26 Anchor compartment hatch mod

    Hello all, I have a g26 that I am starting a refurib on, and I was wondering if anyone had ever retrofitted a deck hatch at the bow to access the small storage compartment to the head of the v-berth. I realize that the compartment access from the v-berth would have to be sealed up (I am...
  4. Spongey Deck-Converted to Anchor Locker

    Gear & Maintenance
    Today I decided to resolve my mushy deck up front near the bow pulpit area. The balsa core was already bad the day I bought the boat and I knew sooner or later I'd have to fix it. Previous owner attempted to fill the core from below with drilled holes and household spray foam and it was...