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  1. Anchor Riding Sail - Need Advice

    Gear & Maintenance
    Made a real nice 5' luff, 7' foot anchor riding sail. Tried it out at anchor in about 10-15 mph winds. Sheeted it off to one side of boat. Seemed to hold boat steady, but then all of a sudden the boat would sail through the wind, back-winding the riding sail and slap it back and forth (noisy)...
  2. Can I raise 1/2" anchor chain by hand?

    Gear & Maintenance
    I am on someone else mooring in Miami Florida. They showed up and want it back! So I am looking to get a new anchor and some heavy chain for my 33 foot wooden sloop. It is pretty light, not sure exactly, but it has an old concrete keel, and is low in the water 6' draft. I am thinking of...
  3. Autopilot + Anchor Windlass + AIS WiFi + GSM ALARM App control

    Apps & Authors
    Hi guys, I am Albert, the CEO of PiccoloMarine Start-up. :captain: I am excited to announce my crowdfunding campaign about my last creation at An app (iOS and Android) to command: The...
  4. 2016 Sailing Season on the Chesapeake

    Chesapeake Bay
    Another year, another late check in. Best wishes to all on another New Year and a wonderful season for sailing. Today is a boat work day for me.
  5. Fortress FX-11 and Guardian G-16 parts compatible?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Would anyone happen to own or have actual visual access to both an FX-11 and a Guardian G-16 model anchors, both 7 pounders made by Fortress, who can tell me if the "crown" (the bottom piece where both the flukes and crossbar slide into) might be be interchangeable or could perhaps be made...
  6. Anchoring w/ bow roller question

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    In the past, I've always pulled the anchor rode out and away from the bow roller when anchoring in questionable conditions, bringing the line around the foremost stanchion, through the chock, and securing to a cleat (and then a second cleat) - split hose then was used for anti-chaffing. Our...
  7. Bareboat Lagoon 52 in Anegada

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Can a Lagoon 52 safely get to a mooring ball in Anegada harbor? The 52 has a draft of 1.5 meters and I'm trying to figure out if we have to anchor outside or if we can safely get into the inner harbor. From what I'm reading online it looks like the area with mooring balls is for vessels under...
  8. At anchor in 60 knot winds: "Kiwi Roa" visiting South Georgia Island

    Cruising Videos
    At anchor in 60 knot winds: "Kiwi Roa" visiting South Georgia Island (Vimeo) From the photo journal for South Georgia Island, a video of Kiwi Roa sitting out wind "bullets" of about 60 knots at Elsehul, South Georgia Island. Peter & crew were trapped by a developing weather system that ended...
  9. Finding free anchorages on East Coast?

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    How hard is it to find decent, free anchorages as you sail up and down the East Coast, from Maine to Florida? Are all the decent anchorages taken up by moorings? Will we be able to find free places to anchor each night? We have a 38 ft sailboat that draws 5 feet. Thank you
  10. Rocna Anchor Storage Box - Mock-Up

    Gear & Maintenance
    I needed an anchor I could put my trust in for my little Montgomery 17 (1600lbs displacement) so I bought a Rocna 6 (13lbs) so that I could sleep easy at night. The Montgomery doesn't have any storage large enough under the cockpit seats for the anchor and I can't fit it in the fuel locker at...
  11. Anchor for Catalina 22

    Does anyone know the standard danforth anchor for a Catalina 22. I'm shopping for one and want to make sure it will fit in the locker.