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  1. Electronics
    Hi Guys! I'm preparing a crowdfunding campaign to launch a rugged tablet dedicated to sailors. So, I’d like to have your advice. When I bought my first sailboat, I tried to find, so as you, a good quality waterproof tablet, with a (really) sunlight readable screen, a long life battery (more...
  2. Apps & Authors
    Somewhere I would like to be !!!
  3. Apps & Authors
    Hi All, I'm planning an update to a boating app that I wrote a while back and thought I'd ask the sailors of SailNet for suggestions/comments/feedback. I originally wrote this for myself to keep track of my boat's equipment serial/model numbers, sizes, etc. and I've been adding features ever...
  4. Apps & Authors
    I hate cross posting so I won't repeat what I posted in the general section. I probably should just have posted here as this is a racing app. I will just explain that this app was developed by racing and I didn't quit until it actually got me to the starting line on time, going fast. As...
  5. Racing
    Press Release ----------------------------------- StartLine Sailing Racing Application for Android. Arrive at the Starting Line on time at speed then continue around the race course with the Waypoint display. StartLine by was created out of the desire for a better race start and my...
1-5 of 6 Results