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  1. Raymarine antenna compatibility/ cross referencing models???

    I just bought a Raymarine RC530 and I am in need of an antenna/receiver for the GPS functions on the chartplotter. I was originally going to go with an aftermarket one (I posted earlier about this) but now have decided to try getting a used Raymarine/Raytheon model on ebay. My manual for the...
  2. Aftermarket Antenna for Raymarine Chartplotter??

    Hello, I recently bought a Raymarine RC530 Chartplotter. It didn't come with a GPS antenna so I am now looking to track one down. Has anyone had any luck with an aftermarket or different manufacturers antenna/receiver? The Raymarine antennas seem to go for about $300+ which is a little steep for...
  3. VHF Antenna Masthead Installation Questions

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the SailNet community, but have spent a lot of time reading the forums here. I am about to close on a boat later this week and have a question regarding a vhf antenna. The vessel is a 1975 Irwin 30 and although I see it has a fixed mount vhf, I did not notice any vhf...
  4. KISS SSB ground

    Gear & Maintenance
    I know the subject of traditional copper counterpoise, dynaplate and the new KISS grounds stirs up a lot of feeling among sailors and the point of this thread is not to kick the ant hill. I have a traditional 100 sq' copper ground pane that needs an overhaul after many years. I'm confident in...