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  1. Canadian East and West Coasts
    Hello! I am marine mammal field researcher and I am part of a team developing a multidisciplinary ocean conservation project. I am trying to get to the Eastern Canadian Arctic, Northwest Passage as quietly as possible, so most likely by sailing. An expedition to these remote areas is integral to...
  2. Apps & Authors
    Ahoy! I have a book out entitled North star of Herschel Island: last Canadian Arctic fur trading ship. The book tells the 76 year history of the ship from her start in the Beaufort Sea being worked as a fur trading ship for the Inuit through to her careers in sail-training, surveying, oil and...
  3. Electrical Systems & Solar
    GEL battery > Why? These are the only 2 batteries available at my town: Why would I go for a GEL battery considering that both claim a 20h constant power deliver? Here is my purpose: - Powering: laptop, music (a lot), coffee machine, lights (LEDs), electronics, etc. - Its a sailboat with...
1-3 of 3 Results