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  1. Canadian Arctic

    Canadian Maritimes
    Hello! I am marine mammal field researcher and I am part of a team developing a multidisciplinary ocean conservation project. I am trying to get to the Eastern Canadian Arctic, Northwest Passage as quietly as possible, so most likely by sailing. An expedition to these remote areas is integral to...
  2. New Book on Arctic tall ship

    Apps & Authors
    Ahoy! I have a book out entitled North star of Herschel Island: last Canadian Arctic fur trading ship. The book tells the 76 year history of the ship from her start in the Beaufort Sea being worked as a fur trading ship for the Inuit through to her careers in sail-training, surveying, oil and...
  3. Best battery type > Freezing temperatures

    Electrical Systems
    GEL battery > Why? These are the only 2 batteries available at my town: Why would I go for a GEL battery considering that both claim a 20h constant power deliver? Here is my purpose: - Powering: laptop, music (a lot), coffee machine, lights (LEDs), electronics, etc. - Its a sailboat with...