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atomic 4

  1. Gas tank leaking at fuel gauge gasket -- how to seal?

    Here's my situation: Boat is powered by the mighty Atomic 4 which, of course, runs on gas not diesel. Said gas is in an aluminum tank under the settee. There is an approx. 3" hole in the top of the tank for the sender of the fuel gauge; the plate holding the sender is shown in the attached...
  2. atomic 4 mechanic needed in the tampa florida area

    Atomic 4
    I recently purchased a 1968 tartan 34c that needs a total and complete never ending refit.. and I'm ok with that... I need to figure out if the repower moyer marine model is worth fixing vs repower and need a little help. anyone have an atomic 4 mechanic in the tampa area?
  3. Repowering a Pearson 31

    Gear & Maintenance
    We purchased a 1978 P31 last fall. It had a mystery problem with the engine so the price we paid was a steal. We had work done on it over the winter and thought we had it licked. Turns out, after a breakdown on our way home in June, that the engine needs to be pulled to be repaired (Fractured...
  4. Checking Alternator

    Electrical Systems
    I have an Atomic 4 engine, and I think my alternator is on it's last legs. The amp meter only goes up to about 12.7 when the engine is on. I'm told that it should go up to 13.5-14. I was told I should take it out and bring it to "pep-boys", or some other auto parts store where they can check...
  5. 1977 Ericson 27' for 8,000.. Good deal?

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    Fairly new to sailing. This will only be my 2nd boat. Upgrading from a 16' lugar (1974). Not seeing much on the market that I like. Am I jumping the gun too early? When do owners generally start posting their boats for sale? In any case, I've made my offer and the owner accepted. The boat is in...
  6. A4 Overhaul - First Start

    Atomic 4
    Hello, I just completed the assembly of my A4 after an overhaul. I am ready to attempt my first start after the rebuild and wanted to get some tips/pointers from the Sailnet community. One question, I am looking for a manual oil pressure gauge to install for tuning...any suggestions...
  7. primer bulb?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello, I have a 1964 islander 32 with an atomic 4. I just finished replacing the gas tank. ( fiberglass and ethanol don't mix well,) I also rember plumed all my fuel lines. Now I have to prime the system. I k.ow the best way to do it is with a primer bulb. The question is should I install one...
  8. $6,600 to rebuild Atomic 4? replace/rebuild

    Atomic 4
    I just received a quote to rebuild the Atomic 4 motor on my 1979 C&C 34. I was shocked at the $6,640 price tag for this job and I asked them to hold off on the repairs while I consider alternative options. During haul-out this season, it was noticed by the yard crew that the motor was...
  9. Used Atomic 4 Parts

    Atomic 4
    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, I have used atomic 4 parts and I am located in San Diego County. Used Parts - Reverse Gear - Reverse gear housing -oil pan - exhaust manifold - flywheel -flywheel housing and cover - exhaust elbow -crossover tube (old style) -valve cover -accessory drive...
  10. Atomic 4 Shakes the Boat

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I purchased a Cat27 last summer and am hooked. She has an Atomic 4 that runs like a horse. Last weekend as i was headed back into port (under power at top speed) the boat suddenly lost a lot of speed and the motor got loud, the boat also started to shake. I throttled back on the gas and ran...
  11. Irwin 28 - 1974 - where to start

    We are the new owners of a Irwin 28.5, 1974. Was a free boat that will now require more $ and time. It has not been sailed in at least 2 years. Bottom job is a given and will done soon. I have drained 18 gallons of gas from the tank, put in new plugs, cleaned the filter, new batteries and will...
  12. Atomic 4 compression

    Atomic 4
    Been having engine trouble and just was "informed" by the marina that I have lost close to half of the compression in all 4 cylinders. They were pretty vague about the possible causes and related repair costs. They did warn about sinking too much $ trying to trouble shoot. Any body have any...