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  1. Australian Adventures by Sail, Kayak, and on Foot

    Apps & Authors
    A perfect gift for a sailor or armchair explorer Off the Tourist Track The adventure and exquisite beauty of Australia 11 hours of viewing on a 32 gb USB memory stick Plug and play in a TV or Computer Australia Circumnavigation South Australia Gulfs Coral Sea midocean islets and reefs...
  2. Babes on Board #2, Learning By Doing, EP39

    Cruising Videos Week two with Ylva and Tina aboard. The weather sort of cooperates so after enjoying the worlds whitest beach for a few hours we sail out to the Barrier Reef for a few days. It a pretty rough trip but calm when we arrive.
  3. BabesOnBoard#1_LearningByDoing_EP38

    Cruising Videos I get some nice company in the form of Ylva and Tina. We have a week of mixed weather but make the most of it each day. With company on board I'm able to spend a bit more time creating nicer video shots and we have a change of style with some added narration. Let us...
  4. First Solo Sail mission.

    Cruising Videos After reaching the Whitsunday Islands with my brother Toby I felt I was finally ready to try a solo sailing mission. I set off from Airlie beach with a rough idea of where I wanted to go on my 2 weeks out. This video is part 1 and just shows the first few days...
  5. Pacific Seacraft 37

    Pacific Seacraft
    Hi Everyone, I am on the hunt for a PSC 37 to buy. If you are within say 4000 odd miles of Australia and looking to sell your PSC then please PM me. Thank you James
  6. Sydney to Bateman's Bay, Australia.

    Cruising Videos
    A bit of coastal cruising helping a friend deliver his new yacht. Four easy days sailing downwind and a short, heavy squall with lightning. Was a great trip. Video could have been half the length but I wanted my friend to have all the memories (because he's going to sit on it for two years and...
  7. Learning how to Sail

    Learning to Sail
    Hi everybody, My fiance and I are looking to learn how to sail and get a feel for what's involved in living on a sailboat. So we thought if anyone was stopping in Brisbane, Australia and wanted to help us out by passing on their knowledge we would be happy to offer you our laundry facilities if...
  8. Come & race in Paradise

    Bonjour, I contact you, in oder to inform you about a "race in paradise": the longest leeward windward race around the biggest lagoon in the world ( 650 milles!) The race starts the 19th october from Noumea ( New Caledonia) and finish in Noumea. This is the 4tth edition of the race. Start...
  9. Would it be cheaper to buy a boat in Europe?

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    I am looking to buy a boat in Europe, cruise with it to the southwest Pacific and then sell it in New Caledonia (or NZ or AUS). Are boats significantly cheaper in Europe than they are in America or Canada? What country would be the best for purchasing a boat now? I was thinking Greece, Italy...
  10. Sailing Queensland - cruising out of Hamilton Island

    Cruising Videos
    One of a series of brief cruises from Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia in our Dufour 36. Hamilton Island is in the 'Whitsundays' island group - one of the premier cruising grounds in Australia. The area features 100 islands, inside the Great Barrier Reef so often not much swell. During the...
  11. 1 crewman available from Australia to Sth America/ Sth Africa

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hey everyone, I am a 25 year old Australian guy who is looking for a yacht traveling to South America or South Africa. Wanting to travel the world without flying as I enjoy the challenge of an adventure. Available from late December 2013 and wanting to be on the water by late feb 2014. I have...
  12. Going to Australia, New Zealand or Asia???

    Crew Wanted/Available
    2 experienced crew available from New Caledonia in August 2013. Very flexible on destination/ arrival date. English, Spanish and French spoken. Couple, age 29. Non smokers. UK Passport holders. Sailing references available from Pacific crossing and other references available if needed. More...
  13. Solo From Aus to Thailand via png

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I am currently considering a journey from queensland to thailand via png, I have plenty of boat experience but 0 sailing. so i am likely to join a sail club and begin. also have been looking at the seawind 24' catamaran... a few questions,.. would a year be enough time to prepare for such a...
  14. CREW: from Panama to South Pacific

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hey all, I'm Chael, 26 years old, male, from Chicago. I'm currently hanging around Panama City Playita and Brisas anchorages. I'm a veyr friendly guy and most of my time I'm just trying to get to know people here, and from time to time I ask about crewing. I'm looking to get myself to Asia...
  15. Crewing the Pacific.

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hail Sail Net. I'm a new member, interested in crewing around the Pacific islands, hopefully making my way to Australia... If anyone is looking for crew, can suggest the best places to look for crewing positions or has any other tips on how to prepare, what training to have, etc. I would...
  16. Australian insurance costs

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hi everyone. Look, honestly, I understand that in order to get a quote on a boat the company insuring it wants a survery to know exactly what they're getting into. But it does make learning what's involved in owning a boat really darn difficult. How to plan? Buy a boat and then find it costs...
  17. SOUTH AUSTRALIA Electronic Cruising Guide

    The photos in our online guide will whet your desires even if you do not plan on sailing to South Australia. Anchorages, facilities, attractions, what to do, fishing spots & latest marina fees. Adelaide The Gulfs Kangaroo Island to Ceduna 74 pages Full colour maps with GPS...
  18. Jack and Jude on the Banyandah ~ Australia

    Introduce Yourself
    Sailing a homemade Hartley South Seas - uniquely different from waterline up. Now our boat ain’t worth a lot of money, but she’s been ‘round the world. Bless her. And we sailed her across the North Pacific with snow falling on her decks; buried her masts underwater on that trip. Poor baby. She...
  19. Crew Available - Australia to South Pacific

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a position as a crew member from anywhere in Australia into the South Pacific any time in June / July / August. I'm looking to reach Indonesia eventually but would love to check out some other islands on the way. I have some sailing experience but probably more...
  20. 2 x Crew Available Anywhere Pacific (NZ -> USA)

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Dear Cruisers! My girlfriend and I are currently In New Zealand, looking to visit and sail the Pacific sometime throughout 2012 (Ideally Jan 2012 onwards). We have been on sailing boats before and I myself have helped sail SV. Tenacious around the canary archipelago in addition to smaller cats...