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  1. Detachable windvane

    Gear & Maintenance
    I like the idea of a windvane but not having it permanently attached to the boat, are there any versions that are "easily" unmounted and mounted again when on passage?
  2. X-5 Auto Pilot opinions

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have an Ray Marine X-5 Auto Pilot and I am looking for opinions on them. I have had mine for almost two years it has been back to the factory once for a bad clutch. The problem began again with 5 hours of use. Calm seas 12 knots wind. I used a bungee cord to hold it in place. TRied to call the...
  3. Autopilot install with a switch

    Gear & Maintenance
    I got an used autopilot for my Catalina 27 (wheel). I don't have a dedicated switch on my fuse panel for my instruments. I will add that in the near future when I replace the non working depth and speed. Today I installed the autopilot and wanted to put it on a switch in the cockpit. I have...
  4. X-5 Smart Pilot

    I have a Ray Marine X-5 Smart wheel Pilot. The clutch is disengaging. I tried tightening per the manual but it made the wheel very difficult to move whihc the manual warned about. Has anyone else had this problem The unit is fairly new, a year old and only maybe 10 hrs on it So it really...