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  1. Boat Review Forum
    Anyone sailing a C&C 24 in the ocean? If so, just looking for resources to set one up for coastal sailing. Any ideas/recommendations for . . . GPS autohelm water tanks head
  2. Electronics
    I recieved and old AH800 for free and wanted to try and get it working. When i plug it in I get a constant beep with the red light on. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong or what that might mean?
  3. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi I have a Gramin 4010 I want to connect to my Autohelm st6000, can someone help me with that? A diagram or tell me how a connect them together, will be fine. Thanks Johnni
  4. Electronics
    I've ordered the newest model of the SailTimer Wind Instrument, which is a mast-mounted wireless wind vane providing wind speed and direction that is broadcast over Bluetooth (v4) and powered by solar. We're also getting a RAYMARINE Autohelm ST2000. I'd like to figure out the cheapest and/or...
  5. Electronics
    Question for the electricians out there: We have an older Autohelm ST1000+ that randomly disengages and displays "800" on the screen. Initially I thought it was the heat (we live in Bahrain) and the unit gets quite hot during use. Now that the weather is cooler, it is still happening even though...
  6. Electronics
    I just finished installing a ST4000+ autohelm and upon power up it is requesting a code. I have the box and all manuals and paperwork that came with it but there is no mention of a code anywhere in the manual. After doing some research online I have found that some models like the ST80 have a...
  7. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I ask this question more philosophically than practically at this point. I'm not ready for solo sailing. Even so, it's clear to me already that my interest in sailing far outstrips wifey's. Mine's a 30' C&C mk1. Cute little boat. Thing is, it has a steering wheel instead of a tiller...
  8. Gear & Maintenance
    I have an Autohelm ST4000. Well, the control box says ST4000 but the belt, motor, and wheel control appear to be ST3000. The "clevis" which I believe is the name for the motor which controls the belt has a black cap. That cap split in half and had to be fixed while underway. I've been...
1-8 of 8 Results