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  1. Fixed dark LCD display on raymarine autopilot

    Gear & Maintenance
    our recent purchase 34 Irwin citation had a raymarine 4000+ autopilot head installed. the wheel drive was gone, and the LCD display on the control unit (head) was so dark that I originally thought that it was dead. However the wiring was still in place, so I took an chance and purchased another...
  2. Autopilot + Anchor Windlass + AIS WiFi + GSM ALARM App control

    Apps & Authors
    Hi guys, I am Albert, the CEO of PiccoloMarine Start-up. :captain: I am excited to announce my crowdfunding campaign about my last creation at An app (iOS and Android) to command: The...
  3. ST4000+ Autohelm Codelock issue??

    I just finished installing a ST4000+ autohelm and upon power up it is requesting a code. I have the box and all manuals and paperwork that came with it but there is no mention of a code anywhere in the manual. After doing some research online I have found that some models like the ST80 have a...
  4. Autohelm parts needed (power cable, pedestal mount and wheel mount)

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have a (new to me) Autohelm 4000+ and I am missing the hardware to mount it to the wheel and also the pin (not sure of correct name) that mounts to the pedestal that locks the motor housing in place. I also need the power cable that connects to the motor. If anyone has one of these or can...
  5. Ahoy

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a sailor from Michigan. Planning on doing some weekend cruises if not a little longer on a Merit 25' this summer. I am interested in weather vane steering (which I know very little about other than a setup is supposed to be pretty expensive) since I...
  6. X-5 Smart Pilot

    I have a Ray Marine X-5 Smart wheel Pilot. The clutch is disengaging. I tried tightening per the manual but it made the wheel very difficult to move whihc the manual warned about. Has anyone else had this problem The unit is fairly new, a year old and only maybe 10 hrs on it So it really...
  7. St6002 Autopilot / E127 MFD - Falls of tracking / auto often.

    Not sure if this is an E127 issue or ST6002 issue but thought I would put this out there while waiting to hear back from Raymarine. ST6002 & E127 falls off "Auto" and or "Tracking" both randomly. New E127 installed April before Mexico cruise. Included new radar, AIS, sonar, the whole...
  8. Autopilot Wireless Remote Control

    I've developed a wireless remote control for ST1000 / ST2000 autopilots. The genuine Raymarine remotes are very expensive so I decided to make one myself. Search youtube for ST1000 remote control to see a couple of videos of the prototype I made which had an LCD display for testing purposes...
  9. NMEA 2000 Wheel Drive Autopilot with Wind Feedback

    Hi all, From the title of the post you can probably gather that I'm shooting the moon here, but I'm trying to figure out the best autopilot setup for a NMEA 2000 system that is starting from scratch. The autopilot upgrade is happening at the same time as an upgrade to all of our instruments...
  10. Garmin 740s and raymarine x5 wheel pilot connection

    Just about to purchase a new raymarine x5 wheel pilot w/p70 head and a garmin 740s plotter. Has anyone tried to connect these 2 units to each other yet? How did it go? How did they work together? Thanks!
  11. Robertson RF 100 rudder position sensor

    I am looking to buy this part for my Robertson 200DL autopilot. Can anybody help? Lexow Grant Tanton 43 Annapolis, Md.
  12. For Sale - Raymarine SPX-5 Wheel Pilot

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I have a new Raymarine SPX-5 wheel pilot Corepack for sale. It was a deal demo unit and was never installed on my boat (i decided to go with a below deck unit).It will work with legacy heads like the ST6002. includes course computer, wheel drive, all cables, seatalk network. Price...
  13. Navico Wheel Pilot 5000 - Help

    I just inherited this from a friend. He didnt have manuals or instructions. Does anyone here happen to have? I would really appreciate it. He used it as a back up so it wasnt installed and I need to see how it all works. Thanks!
  14. Auto-Pilot choices besides RayMarine

    Hey All! I bought a '97 C320 that has the ST4000+ Autopilot a few years ago and last fall the controller lost it's brains... It thinks it's locked. I've worked with RayMarine support and they can only recommend replacing everything with a new X-5 (RAYMARINE SmartPilot X-5 Sailboat Wheel Pilot at...
  15. Crealock 37 - Outfitting - Finally

    Pacific Seacraft
    We are getting ready to go cruising – finally, the real thing. Before we go, we need to finish up with installation of davits, auto pilot, vane, wind gen, windlass and watermaker. I’m hoping to get some feedback from others as to what worked for you and what you would recommend avoiding or doing...