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  1. Chartering
    My wife and I would like to charter a boat for a couple weeks in the Florida keys or south florida somewhere to try out the idea of living on a sailboat for a while. We currently sail a hunter 33, and are looking for something more in the 40' range. It seems all the charters I can find are very...
  2. Chartering
    I am looking at bareboat charter rates and am noticing that Caribbean (BVI) rates are much higher than Mediterranean (Greece) rates. Using Sunsail/Moorings you can get exact comps but I also compared local outfits in each area and came to the same findings. Peak season BVI (Winter) rates seem...
  3. Chartering
    I was hoping we could discuss various charter companies and the brokers that all of us sailors book with and how did the charters go now we are home? How was the service, quality of the boat and pricing. What about the destinations you have chartered will you go back or explore new places next...
1-3 of 3 Results