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  1. Path used to compute bearing and distance by GPS?

    Seamanship & Navigation
    Dear all, I have been sailing on a cruiser which has a basic GPS: one can enter the WGS 84 coordinates of a waypoint, and the GPS displays in real time the distance and bearing of the waypoint, something like the one in the image attached. As a theoretical physicist, there is a question that I...
  2. Roller Furling Bearing Replacement - Necessary to take down entire furling system!?

    Gear & Maintenance
    After several hours of research I finally learned I have a Stearns Twinstay One #8 roller furling system. The bottom bearings need replacing. Rig-rite has the parts available. Oddly though, they are insisting I buy the full top & bottom bearing replacement kit. Which I'm fine with just to have...
  3. Rudder bearing replacement C&C 36 + other issues

    Gear & Maintenance
    Dear ... Forum Before i point my questions, a short introduction to Sailnet and her users! April 2014 i bought a C&C 36, 1980 in Miami. Sailed her through the Bahamas, Haiti (where the canoo boys made some nice deep scratches), Dominican Republic to Curaçao. Now docked in Curaçao, this year i...