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  1. Charter Review / Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michiagn

    Hello, We made a video blog of our bareboat charter on Grand Traverse Bay in Michigan on Lake Michigan. The video is a good review for a chartering opportunity. The 18 minute video is high quality, HD video of a two day excursion on a 2001 Beneteau 323. It's...
  2. Beneteau First 35S5 and Beneteau First 210 Videos

    Here is my Youtube channel where i have posted some videos sailing Beneteau First 210 and now Beneteau First 35S5! I realy like these type of raw sailing videos so i have started doing these for myself aswell. Hope you like it, comment you thoughts and opinions and subscribe if you feel to! As...
  3. Looking for San Diego crew on Oceanis 50

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hey Guys - I'm new to SailNet so hello and thanks in advance for your responses and advice. I just moved my 2012 Beneteau Oceanis 50' from Costa Rica to San Diego Bay. I'm keen to start sailing here regularly, but I know nobody here as yet, and am keen to find good, reliable people who want...
  4. 2008 Oceanis Spinnaker Deck gear

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi Guys, Just bought an Oceanis 2008. Boat is in another country at the moment. It has a track on the mast for a Spinnaker pole but no pole. From what I remember when I viewed it it had Halyard exits for spinnaker halyard. My question is, if it didn't come with a spinnaker form the factory...
  5. Post fire, Beneteau 373 "In over by head" PROJECT boat

    Post fire, Beneteau 373 "In over my head" PROJECT boat I’m the proud new owner of ’06 Beneteau 373 project boat. She’s sustained some significant fire damage from a boat that burned to a crisp just one slip over. (Link below). I expect I’ll hear a lot of “you’re in over your head kid” over the...
  6. Getting very close to a Fin Whale!

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Whilst on a yacht delivery from North Wales to Southern Spain we spotted a Fin Whale and managed to capture him up close and personal on the starboard bow! Lots of lovely dolphins too: I hope you enjoy it! Pete
  7. Modular wiring terminals -- help!

    Electrical Systems
    I purchased a 2005 Beneteau 36.7 and am trying to do some simple changes to the electrical system. Problem is I have no idea how the modular terminal blocks work (picture below). The blocks make things tidy, but my attempts to release or add wires have been very frustrating. Do I need special...
  8. A quick video about cruising the BVI and Puerto Rico

    Cruising Videos
    Hope you enjoy it, its more or less my first real video (more than 1 minute long or so)
  9. Where to find Engine Replacement Panel/Gauge Covers?

    Gear & Maintenance
    I hope someone on this forum can help us. We have a Perkins diesel in our 1996 Oceanis 281 and need to replace the instrument gauge covers. Has anyone does this? Where are parts available? We were told to look at car suppliers for gauge covers, but have not had any luck. Will replace entire...
  10. Varianta 37 - vs Hanse vs Beneteau Oceanis?

    Boat Reviews
    Varianta 37 is a new boattype for sale using the Hanse hull of he proven Hanse 37. We are considering buying it, have seen it inside etc and like the simplicity and stripped version thinking and it is supposedly a really good sailor with focus on performance keeping the inside to a minimum...
  11. Beneteau Halts Production?

    Ordered and paid in full for an Oceanis 38 that was supposed to be shipped on 10/31 but was just told today that “due to a world-wide shortage of teak, Beneteau has stopped production on all boats. They can’t build your cockpit floor so they can’t build your boat”. Hearing that the world’s...
  12. Beneteau First 27.7

    Boat Reviews
    We are the proud purchasers in 2014 of a 2007 Beneteau First 27.7 (8.3m hull length including at the waterline - vertical bow and transom) sailing in Sydney, Australia. Ours is a fixed keel and fixed, transom hung rudder and draws 2.1m which is deepish for a boat of this length. A lifting...
  13. Thick fog and lots of dolphins...

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    A short film taken during the delivery of a Beneteau 393 from Hamble to Troon: A real mixed bag of conditions, but by all accounts an excellent yacht and a great trip! Pete
  14. From Croatia to Gibraltar with a very old camera!

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    A short video taken during the yacht delivery of a Beneteau First 42s7 from Zadar to Gibraltar. Yacht Delivery from Croatia to Gibraltar - YouTube The first clip captures the amazing sounds of the Sea Organ in Zadar. The crew were using a basic and very old video camera! During the...
  15. Help with refinishing of teak.

    Gear & Maintenance
    So a few weekends ago I went sailing with friends and had the usual good time. Apparently one of them spilled a good amount of vodka on my salon table. They cleaned it up mostly but didn't get it all I guess. The alcohol ended up leaving a large white clouded area on the center of the table...
  16. Beneteau Oceanis 45;I need your help to select right spec for 2yr world cruise please

    My wife and I decided to buy a new (or 2012) Beneteau Oceanis 45 to use: During a 2 year sail trip around the world With wife, 2 kids (3&10) and me We look for a comfortable and safe boat that is relatively fast I ask your help to select the right specification bearing in mind I have to be...
  17. A foggy trip back from Brittany!

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I recently delivered a First 47.7 back to the Solent from Benodet. The journey didn't start well; The flight was delayed, and then after a long journey by tram, train and taxi we found ourselves stranded at Carrefour (apparently no taxi's available to help us back to the yacht). Having phoned 5...
  18. Looking to find large group to buy boat

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    I'm looking for 20-25 people that wants to go in and buy a new or newer sailboat. Since there would be so many owners it would be good to make some groups. I'm looking for a 35-45ft beneteau or Jeanneau. I'm also open to finding 4-5 guys and looking for one that some one already owns and seeing...
  19. Looking for other Beneteau Figaro 1 Owners

    Announcements and Suggestions Box
    Dear Friends, I'm here to ask your help searching other Figaro 1 owners to exchange tips and hints and to find all built figaros around! here it is our facebook page and our email [email protected] looking forward hearings from you soon! Trade winds...
  20. Looking for other Beneteau Figaro 1 Owners

    Dear Friends, I'm here to ask your help searching other Figaro 1 owners to exchange tips and hints and to find all built figaros around! here it is our facebook page and our email [email protected] looking forward hearings from you soon! Trade winds...