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  1. Engines 🦾
    Calling all mechanics for ideas :) I have a 1990 Catalina 30 with a Universal M3-20 (18hp) engine. I discovered about 3 seasons ago if you run the engine in gear over 2000 rpm there is black smoke/soot/particulate matter in the exhaust. Since then I've only run the engine up to 2000 rpm and can...
  2. Engines 🦾
    Hi all, I have been reading these posts and have helped me a lot, unfortunately I have a problem which I have not been able to find a solution to so I am putting it out to the wider community in the hope for some assistance. We are currently docked in Philippines. Engine is 50 hp Perkins...
  3. Engines 🦾
    I've had no problems with my diesel engine for 7 years. It is 14 years old and has 1200 hours and very light use lately. Last time I filled the tank was 2years ago but I still have half tank. Suddenly, last week I took the boat out and noticed I could not get more than 4 knots barely getting...
1-3 of 3 Results