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  1. Seamanship & Navigation
    Happy Monday everyone! I have been sailing for about 3 years now, and usually with 22ft boats. I am currently away from my sailing center and with this time off from sailing, I'd like to increase my knowledge about sailing. I've been reading some books, but I don't think these reads really...
  2. Apps & Authors
    I'd like to again thank everyone who bought the first and second book in the Quest series, 'Quest and Crew' and 'Quest on the Thorny Path'. For all of you who have been following our adventure on our Bayfield 36, I would like to invite you to read the third book in the series 'Quest for the...
  3. Weather
    Wondering what good books there are if one wants to learn to properly interpret a weather map.....
  4. Apps & Authors
    Hi again! I'm a published boating writer (magazines), but a newbie author. This section of the forum is a chance for me to gauge people's interest. I'm completing a nonfiction book about two sailboaters, a guy and a gal, and over a decade of their live aboard cruising adventures in the Bahamas...
  5. Apps & Authors
    Hello! I'm really excited about my new book, Dagny Rocks, a sailing memoir. It is about growing up in the hippie days of the 1970's aboard a tugboat hand-built by my parents. I was home-schooled as we traveled throughout the ICW, Bahamas and Caribbean. Later I join Icelander Petur as we live...
  6. Apps & Authors
    What are your favorite Sailing books? - both fiction and non-fiction.
  7. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    So I have a whole mass of books that I want to put on the boat. Paperback and hardback. But I was wondering if this a good idea? I mean, won't all the moisture that's around the boat at port ruin the books. And what if you're sea and somehow water gets below deck...that could be a problem too.
  8. Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hello everybody I am new to this forum and to sailing. I am, however, conducting research for an adventure book with a chapter on sailing around the world and was wondering if I might be able to get some help? I hope this is an appropriate place to ask. The book I'm writing is a collection of...
1-8 of 8 Results