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  1. Removable outboard motor bracket

    Gear & Maintenance
    I would like to purchase a removable outboard motor bracket with the smallest footprint possible. I have found a bracket designed to be used with the Seagull outboard but have been unable to purchase it in the United States. The only distributor I could find is in the UK and the shipping rates...
  2. Installing Outboard

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello All! After months and months and months of research, searching, looking, poking and prodding...I have finally found the boat I'm going to purchase. It's a 1978 Newport MKII. There's good points and bad points to the boat, but all in all, it's in good shape. (Volvo MD7A low compression...
  3. outboard on my 12 foot sailing dinghy- bracket or not??

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have got this beautiful 12 footish fibre glass hull with teak thwarts gunwhale and foredeck. built my my dad many a year ago, but garaged all her life so in good nick. Tan coloured sails, gunter rig- very old school! I am going to buy a 5 HP 2 stroke Tohatsu for fishing purposes. I am trying...