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  1. Bristol
    Made by Continental. Graymarine Service Manual. Covers engines from 1939 thru 1958. My 1968 Bristol 32 has a Graymarine Sea Scout 91, 25 ph, gas engine. Runs like a top! If anyone needs help finding parts, just ask.
  2. Bristol
    Bristol Yachts 50th Anniversary Reunion registration has been rolled out! Save the date! 6/23/16 thru 6/26/16
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Bristol Yachts 50th Anniversary Reunion registration has been rolled out! Save the date! 6/23/16 thru 6/26/16
  4. Bristol
    Hey everyone, just an FYI if you have not seen yet...Mathew, over on the private forum, has suggested a 50th Bristol Yachts, summer of 2016, party and gathering in Bristol RI at the original factory location. We are going to be putting a...
  5. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Looking for everyone's opinion. If you have any knowledge or experience, please respond... I am interested in purchasing and using a 1975 B27 as a liveaboard to cruise inland, atlantic ICW, erie canal and then Bahamas, then panama canal and ultimately to SF Bay. Is the B27 (in good condition...
  6. Bristol
    So I inherited my father's B24 when I was too young, dumb and broke to restore her. Now that she's sat in the yard being neglected for 5 years, I've decided to take her on. However, because I left her abandoned in the yard for 5 years without any word or payment my yard owners are being...
  7. Gear & Maintenance
    1968 B32 keel/CB # 26. I am in the process of rebuilding my Centerboard cable and pulleys in the trunk and would like some input. System failed this year (two months ago). 25 years ago the same thing happened, or at least I think the same thing happened. My dad had the yard do the work at that...
  8. Boat Review Forum
    Hi all, The joy and nerves of purchasing one's first boat are upon me. I've gone from pining for a boat from my "dream list", all of which are very much out of my price range, to shopping for something I can afford now. Enter the Bristols: from what I have read, they came from a respected yard...
  9. Gear & Maintenance
    I posted in the past problems regarding my diesel heater, which was factory installed by Bristol. I have no idea who else may have been involved in the construction, but do know that it was not Dickinson. I haven't been able to get it to stay lit as the fuel line appeared to be blocked. After...
  10. Please Introduce Yourself
    Getting my 1967 Corinthian 19 ready to launch in the Mississippi sound. Boat survived Katrina on a trailer in my back yard, but all the marinas were wiped out!!! Boat needed lots of TLC so I am doing a full overhaul from keel to mast. I love the hull design and how well it handles rough...
  11. Bristol
    Hey everyone just purchased a 1975 Bristol Caravel 22 and starting the restore process. I am looking for any that owns or has owned one for some help, specifically any pictures of the mast rigging and the step. Also, if someone could point me in the direction of where i could get replacement...
1-11 of 11 Results