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  1. Advice about a Bukh

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Inside and in the bowels of my boat lies a Bukh 48 HP deisel that is not running. The kid that messed with it before I took it away from him played with it and now I have a box of parts. It still has compression, will turn over, but that's as far as I will go. Anyone out there have any advice?????
  2. Bukh Love is also a four letter word?

    I am attempting to put a DV24 together from a basket of parts that got to close to another basket somewhere back there. I am pretty close but looking for another pile of parts near enough to britishcolumbia's west coast to be worth the shipping. Pushrods injectors and such and a pile to keep...
  3. Info on Bukh engines???

    Just bought a 38 Cheoy Lee with a Bukh engine that the previous owner had tried to mess with. The manifold is off and a box of parts sits next to it. He says that he got it started once with starter fluid but it would not stay running. Been apart for a while and after looking at the rest of his...