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  1. Removing plywood from fiberglass

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello all - This is my first post (and no doubt, the first of many). I've recently purchased a well-sailed 1983 Hinckley Bermuda 40 MK III that is currently on Tilghman Island, MD. It has already been once around the world (without me). I'm trying to get it back into shape so it can take me...
  2. 1981 Irwin 34

    We purchased a 1981 Irwin 34' (#293) sailboat over the holidays and will need to make some repairs to get it seaworthy for the season. This is our first sailboat and we are excited to learn more and discover the Chesapeake Bay. The boat was family owned since 1983 and sailed in the upper...
  3. BS1088 bulkhead installation inquiries

    Gear & Maintenance
    Replacing the bulkheads on my '74 Ranger 23 and after researching various plywoods I've decided on BS1088 Meranti (first choice was sapele but price and availability dictate otherwise). I'm currently in central Florida and haven't found any local retailers carrying a supply so I plan on...
  4. Hunter 15 bulkhead

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I have a hunter 15 that is about 18 months old and i noticed that the forward bulkhead has a break near the bottom of it and a large cut on the side of it. Does anyone have an idea of what could have caused these? Will they affect the structural integrity of the boat? Also does anyone know how...
  5. tinkering with cabinetry and tabbing

    Gear & Maintenance
    OK, Today I removed a panel behind the stove and opened an area that might have been hidden from sight for maybe 45 years. This is what I found: the bulkhead of it aft (right side on the last picture) is not tabbed on that side, only on the other side (the tabbing on the other side can be seen...
  6. bilge pump system with mulitple bukheads???

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi there, I'm a brand new member here, although I have been reading threads for quite some time, info here has proved invaluable...what a resource! My question for debate is as follows.. I am trying to design a bilge pump system for a 42' Zulu, rebuilt recently, that has 3 watertight bulkheads...
  7. Bulkhead Mod and Compression Post

    Gear & Maintenance
    We have a relatively new-to-us 1969 Santana 22. The early model Santana 22's have a habit of needing additional mast support and this boat has a large metal post installed in opening of the bulkhead. While not looking to go out for a week or so we'd like to have some access to the v-berth (and...
  8. Mounting a VHF Radio in a Bulkhead

    SailNet FAQ
    I wanted to mount my new VHF radio into a bulkhead in my little Montgomery 17. I have seen this done in photos before but I never understood exactly how the y did it. So after I recieved some advice on here from some fellow S-neter's I had a plan. I put the plan into action and it all turned...