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buying a yacht

  1. From Louisiana to The West Coast

    Introduce Yourself
    Ok hello everyone. I am seeking experienced sailors and boat owners' opinions. I am 25 years young a prior Navy Sailor, commercial diver and currently commercial fisherman. I'm moving to Santa Barbara for school in the fall of 2015. I want to buy a sailboat for these purposes: a place to live, a...
  2. buying advice?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello, My name is Chris and I am an unlimited tonnage marine engineer looking to live-aboard. I am starting my search for a 50-100' sailboat, in the need of some TLC. I want to be able to sail the east coast and beyond with my girlfriend, and one day small family. I have some sailing (far-40s...
  3. Buying sailboat in the USA

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hello, I am a Norwegian living in Norway. I am planning on travelling to Florida to buy a used sailboat for cruising in the Caribbean, now in late November. I will most likely spend some weeks (maybe around 3 weeks) in Florida, finding a boat and making preparations on the boat for the trip...
  4. Buying a boat - what would you like to know upfront?

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    Hi all, I have built this website Cruising Yacht for sale to help prospective buyers decide if my 2003 Jeanneau 45.2 is a boat that could potentially suit their needs. My question is what kind of information would you like to see in an advert or on a website? I remember being very frustrated...