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  1. Question about about Charter from St. Lucia to Grenada

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hi, I've been chartering for about 10 years in BVI and Chesapeake Bay. I'm ready to charter from St. Lucia to Grenada and was told that I needed intermediate sailing experience. I mostly sail big Cats and have been in 25-30 knot winds. Do you think I would have any problems sailing this...
  2. Caution BVI Anegada Mooring field - depth issues SW corner

    Caribbean Islands
    The moorings in the SW corner of the mooring field have insufficient depth for sailboats (unless you have a shoal keel or the like). While the anchorage is overall shallow, we have not had issues using the mooring balls in the past (6 ft draft). When we headed back towards the centre of the...
  3. An extremely subjective guide to buying a boat in the Caribbean sight unseen

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    My wife and I just bought our first sailboat (CS 36 Merlin) sight unseen in the British Virgin Islands. God only knows why, but we decided that we ought to put our budding young careers on hold and go bob around the Caribbean for a year or two. Since both buying a boat sight unseen and quitting...
  4. A quick video about cruising the BVI and Puerto Rico

    Cruising Videos
    Hope you enjoy it, its more or less my first real video (more than 1 minute long or so)
  5. BVI in June/July 2015 - crew/passenger wanted

    Hi, we are a couple in our early thirties planning our next BVI sailing trip. We have done this a couple of years ago on a small 31ft monohull and would love to do it again with a more comfortable catamaran. A catamaran however is way too big for the 2 of us and would like to find other people...
  6. Just Go / Do it now

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Good day folks. I wanted to throw something out there which has undoubtedly been discussed prior but something on which I wanted to gain the perspective of those wiser than me. My partner and I are working towards our sailing goals of a circumnavigation. I have always been around the ocean...
  7. Owners Time June 2015

    Hi, I am looking for a Cat 39' or larger, 4 cabin in either Grenada or BVi, for 3-4 weeks in June 2015. Does anyone have any leads? Thanks Dave
  8. Clockwise BVI in February

    Sorry for starting another BVI thread but I have been searching multiple forums for the last couple of weeks and can't find the answers I am looking for so here goes. I have chartered the BVI multiple times in the past but typically in non-peak times with no worries about crowded anchorages and...
  9. College trip to the BVIs

    Hey guys- So, I work at an outdoor adventures program at a university. We do trips of usually 8-10 college students doing active cool stuff, like backpacking and kayaking. I've been a sailor my whole life, so I want to try to get some sailing adventures on the books. I was thinking that the...
  10. New member suffering BVI withdrawals

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello all... found this forum in my never-ending search for updated charter and cruising info for the next sailing trip. Looking forward to learning more "insider tricks" and maybe coming across info on setting up our next BVI (or other) cruise. So far my husband and I have done 4 bareboat...
  11. Crewing opportunities in BVI

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Looking for Crewing opportunities in BVI Hi everyone, Is anyone looking for an extra body aboard their ship during the first week of June? I'm down in the BVI working in a small hospital for the month of May and I have the first two weeks of June off and would love to get out sailing. I grew...
  12. BVI to Florida - short notice

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hi - I am in the process of securing a delivery from the BVI to Florida - hopefully beginning April 15 (short notice, I know). Please let me know if you would be interested: Hylas 49, Virgin Islands to Florida (7-day passage, straight shot unless the Gulf Stream kicks up the last day). 2 prep...
  13. Long Term Charters

    Hello all, we were wondering if anyone has had any experience with long term charters in the BVI. we are looking at a couple of options and would love and appreciate any feedback any of you would have. Thanks in advance!
  14. BVI -Ferry - St Thomas to Road Town

    Hi, we are taking a ferry from Charlotte Amelie to Road Town where we'll get our boat. Last year we used Road Town Fast Ferry and it was a waste of a day. The Ferry was scheduled to leave at 12 noon. The boat didn't arrive at the terminal until about 2:30. I understand island time but that...
  15. Public / Private Beaches in the BVI

    Caribbean Islands
    Hello everyone, First post here, so hope that that's the right forum section :) Just wanted to post a question for the community: I am planning on heading to the BVI in the spring (first bare-boat charter in the south, yay!), and after reading a good number of cruising guides and other...
  16. BVI Spring Regatta 2013

    Cruising and Sailing with Children
    Hi, We are taking our family to the BVI for spring break, our dates are 3/20/2013 thru 3/31/2013. Kids are almost 18, 16 and almost 13. All three are experienced sailors. I am concerned about the BVI Spring Regatta and finding a mooring or slip during that time. Do we need to get to a bay or...
  17. BVI during Spring 2013 Regatta

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi, We are taking our family to the BVI for spring break, our dates are 3/20/2013 thru 3/31/2013. Kids are almost 18, 16 and almost 13. All three are experienced sailors. I am concerned about the BVI Spring Regatta and finding a mooring or slip during that time. Do we need to get to a bay...
  18. BVI Onboard Wifi

    One person in our group requires solid wifi access during our BVI charter. I'd prefer to be disconnected for the week, but I suppose if you can't go on the trip without wifi, having it is better than staying home! Has anyone used ICE BVI for onboard wifi? BVI ICE Are there other companies to...
  19. I just made a video on sailing in the British Virgin Islands HD

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi! I just wanted to share a short HD video on the British Virgin Islands that I just finished. British Virgin Islands HD "Voyage BVI" I tried to capture the various iconic locations and the essence of sailing. This was filmed just last week! Comments and...
  20. BVI Crusing Guides/Info

    Hello, I'm new to chartering and my wife and I have a bareboat charter for the BVI's planned 11/30/12 to 12/08/12. Which cruising guides are recommended? My wife and I are adventurous but not daredevils (good snorkel spots, fun sailing passages, etc) and we enjoy local food/culture. Is any...