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  1. CAL 31' Opinions

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    Hello all, Does anyone have an experience with early 80's model CAL 31s? Looking at one as a potential liveaboard coastal cruiser that I could get into relatively cheaply. Based on what I have read they seem to have a good mix of sailing performance and interior layout that appeal to me. Are...
  2. Holding Tank for Cal 31

    Want to replace current 9 gallon holding tank in bow with larger (25 - 35 gallon) tank. Any ideas on where it could be located? I have looked into the bow area and not a good option. Available bow tanks don't fit well and can only go up to 20 gallon. We plan to be on the boat for minimum of...
  3. Cal 31 questions

    Hello All. I am new to the forum. I purchased a Cal 31 last year and love it. I want to set up the boat for short handed sailing and with the asymmetrical cabin top am a bit overwhelmed on how to route everything back to cockpit. Has anyone attempted this?