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  1. Canadian Arctic

    Canadian Maritimes
    Hello! I am marine mammal field researcher and I am part of a team developing a multidisciplinary ocean conservation project. I am trying to get to the Eastern Canadian Arctic, Northwest Passage as quietly as possible, so most likely by sailing. An expedition to these remote areas is integral to...
  2. Want to Buy: Canadian Maritimes charts

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Didn't see a general classifieds sub-forum so I'm posting this here. Mods, feel free to delete or move to the appropriate sub-forum if posting here is incorrect. I'm planning on cruising to Newfoundland this year (from New England) and am looking to see if anyone has any paper charts for the...
  3. Sailing TV show

    Living Aboard
    We are a Canadian television production company and we're working on a show about people that leave their life on land and sail away to the sunny south. We want to know what are the top three fears you had before departing. We're also looking for people who are heading out in the next six to 18...
  4. Cooper Bros Martin 29

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Anyone have any drawings on this boat? Martin 29 built by Cooper Bros in Canada. Most were sold as Kit boats i understand, and while has the specs, It would sure be nice to see some drawings or plans for the interior. Anyone point in the right direction? I also need to size...