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  1. Sailboat Design and Construction
    In the video below about the Cape Dory 33, Jeff Halpern (who is or was a moderator on this forum) said a few things about the CD 33 that unfortunately he wasn't asked to expound upon. I would ask in the comment section on the page of the video but it was uploaded 5 years ago. If Jim is around...
  2. Learning to Sail
    Im interested in a sailing again. I only have a few years experence and plan on sailing in my lake Pontchartain (New Orleans, LA 10-12 feet depth on average). I'm looking at a 1980 Cape Dory 27 and a 1971 Tartan 27 I plan on sailing single handed most of the time. My wife and kids will sail less...
  3. Boat Review Forum
    I have a lead on a Cape Dory 30 at a good price, and I'm trying to decide if it's a good fit for me. I plan to keep the boat in the Chesapeake Bay, probably taking day and weekend trips out of the Annapolis area. I want a boat that can accommodate two couples for a weekend. I'm concerned by...
1-3 of 3 Results