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  1. A plan for the Caribbean

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Greetings, My small family and I plan to take a leave from our regular life and spend a season exploring the Caribbean. I am looking for input and discussion on our plan. (a very loose plan right now) The Plan: To buy a boat at the beginning of one season (poss. Jan 2020) and sell it at the...
  2. Caribbean charters with a private sailboat owners?

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hey guys - first post here. I'm looking for Skippers/private boat owners who run charters with their own boats in the Caribbean. Does anyone you know anyone they could recommend? Thanks so much :-)
  3. Planning Carribbean Bareboat Charter

    I'm in the initial stages of planning a 1 week bareboat charter in the Caribbean. Location and times are wide open right now, but probably US/BVI. Does anyone have any recommended times, places, and companies to rent from? Any other suggestions and advice are welcome.
  4. Florida/Cuba to Thailand ASAP!

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Now I know this is going to rub some Caribbean & South Pacific cruisers the wrong way, but please forgive me for saying: I'm trying to get through the Caribbean and the South Pacific as fast as possible (whew! that was the hard part), and get to Thailand from New York as quick as I can. I know...
  5. Starting to cruising Caribbean in late Feburary early March

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hey guys, We will be starting our cruise between late February or early March, and likely will be starting in the area between USVI and St Kitts & Nevis. It's a bit sad how late we are starting, but due to work, it's the best we were able to do. I know hurricane seasons starts in June and...
  6. Crew Available! East Coast to Caribbean

    Crew Wanted/Available
    My name is Spencer. I'm 26 and looking to crew on a boat headed south from the East Coast of USA. I'll be in Annapolis around the 1st of December, and heading to Ft. Lauderdale shortly after. I'm willing to move around though, and sail out of any port city that will get me on the water and...
  7. I'm close to making the plunge! Redmond, WA to Puerto Rico!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I'm trying to find the right forums to introduce myself and start networking with other sailors. I'm currently living in Redmond, WA (Microsoft guy) and am considering an offer to transfer to Puerto Rico. In doing so, I'm looking at a 55' Bavaria Cruiser sailboat as a liveaboard staying at...
  8. Help out a sailing charity!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey sailors As some of you may know, the Caribbean's schools and coral reefs are in need of help! I've started a charity, the Sailing Samaritans, to help deliver supplies to people in need in the Caribbean. If interested, check out the link gofundme[dot]com/sailingsamaritans Together we can...
  9. An extremely subjective guide to buying a boat in the Caribbean sight unseen

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    My wife and I just bought our first sailboat (CS 36 Merlin) sight unseen in the British Virgin Islands. God only knows why, but we decided that we ought to put our budding young careers on hold and go bob around the Caribbean for a year or two. Since both buying a boat sight unseen and quitting...
  10. Crew wanted: Puerto Rico to Turks and Caicos

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hi, I'm looking for one crew member to help me make a passage from the west coast of Puerto Rico (Boquerón or Mayaguez) up to the Caicos island of Providenciales (~450 nm). We would depart PR during the first weather window starting April 10th. Ideally potential crew would fly into San Juan...
  11. Video - why I love cruising the Caribbean

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Here's my last video until I return to the boat and get to collect some new material (plus my demo license for Adobe just ran out). This video shows why I keep on returning to the Caribbean!
  12. What Questions Would You Want Answered?

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    My hubby and I quit our jobs a couple of years ago and cruised the Caribbean and Bahamas for a year. We're going to be doing a webinar on how to prepare to cruise the Caribbean and Bahamas on a sailboat (to help those of you out that are aiming to do the same thing we did). What questions would...
  13. Couple and a toddler, which boat to look for?

    Cruising and Sailing with Children
    The Crew: Young couple and a Toddler The Plan: Live and cruise for 2-3 years through the Bahamas and Caribbean Boat budget: $30k Boat Size: Under 35' ideally Experience: New to cruising; Sailed a 22 footer for 4 years in Biscayne Bay. Requirements: A boat that can be single-handed if needed A...
  14. North or South or Stay Put?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Our Sunsail Jeanneau 42i is coming off charter in Tortola late next June. We've decided to keep it and to keep it in the Caribbean for stretches of cruising. The boat will need a little bit of a refit. Any advice on where and when? I had thought that for a professional refit we should probably...
  15. Sailing to Caribbean - Looking for Crew

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Planning a trip to the Caribbean in a couple of weeks. Looking for one or two fit and reasonably experienced sailors to share expenses (food, gas, mooring fees, entry and exit costs, etc.) I have a 32' Gemini catamaran and several months available to cruise. I will work with crew to hold down...
  16. Petit Saint Vincent and Union Islands

    Cruising Videos
    Second video from a recent wander around Grenada and the Grenadines in a Jeanneau 50DS. Hard on the nose during week one, glorious week two. This clip: the resort island of PSV and the 'need to know' Union Island - the latter given it is the southern immigration and customs clear in and out of...
  17. From the Med to the Sea of Cortez

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hola, 34 y/o female, unqualified as a sailor, but seeking pleasant passage all the way from the Med to the Sea of Cortez any time in the not too distant future. I am willing to island hop or change boats along the way if necessary.... if you are cruising a portion of the journey but not planning...
  18. Seeking a solo skipper doing the live-aboard thing in the Caribbean.

    Living Aboard
    Heaven is heaven is heaven is heaven... That's the way I've felt about the Caribbean from the time of my first experiences there. Thus, in my youth I haunted the place, living for varying periods in Virgin Gorda/BVI, in Bequia/the Grenadines, and in Providencia, Colombia. While I was...
  19. Grenada and Carriacou

    Cruising Videos
    Hi Folks, a change from cruising the Queensland coast in our own boat - family matters took us to Grenada. Clearly the thing to do is charter and head north to the grenadines......
  20. Looking for crew member: Florida, Bahamas, and Caribbean

    Crew Wanted/Available
    I'm sailing south; my journey began in Maryland and Im looking to spend the winter in The Bahamas and the Caribbean and return to Florida next spring. As of 11/08/2013 I am in the Jacksonville area. From 11/10/2013 to 11/12/2013 I'll bein St. Augustine. After that various stops along the coast...