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  1. Catalina 22 Pop-top replacement

    SailNet Website Technical Support
    Hello, I have 73 Catalina 22 Pop-top. The condition of the sliding hatch w/ pop-top is not so great, and I was thinking of swapping it out if I could find one that I know to be in better condition. I understand the boat style did not change until 1986, so my question is - will a hatch from a...
  2. Need advice: looking to purchase a Catalina 22

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm in the market for my first boat and would like a used Catalina 22, I'm not very experienced when it comes to buying a boat or what to look for. Can anyone give me any suggestions/ a checklist so I'm fully prepared when I start my search? Also I Live in Los Angeles if anyone...
  3. New Positive and Comprehensive Catalina 22 Review

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    Catalina 22 Review | Which Sailboat?
  4. Help a newbie out-1980 Catalina 22 for $2350

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi everyone, This will be my first boat and so I wanted some advice on it before I bite the bullet so to speak. I found a 1980 Cat 22 with trailer and a sizable list of extras (wrap around cover, boat cover, life jackets, solar panels, extra sails) for sale for $2350 but it does not include...
  5. Starwind 22 or 223 Info

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, Just joined and am anticipating purchasing another sailboat SOON. Have been without for a couple years. Problem is my slip currently, and in the near future has no water at low tide, only mud. I am looking closely at a Starwind 22 and have looked at the Catalina 22s. Both seem to have...
  6. Catalina 22 rudder

    Gear & Maintenance
    Greetings, I have a problem. I'm trying to remove the tiller and rudder from my Cat 22. At the beginning of last season I put the rudder on the boat by simply slipping the two pins on the rudder into the two gudgeons on the transom. I want to remove the rudder so I can install the mast...
  7. Sailing around the world on a Catalina 22 sailboat

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    How possible do you think it would be to sail around the world on a Catalina 22. You know. Buy the boat and fix her up real good. Do you think it would make it the whole 30,000 miles?
  8. Catalina 22 shrouds.

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I am new to the forum, and have recently bought a Catalina 22. stepping up from a Hobie 14. I have noticed two things that bother me. the shrouds loosen themselves over a weeks time, and today when I walked out of the house I had a broken shroud. Is it normal for the shrouds to loosen up...
  9. Offshore sailing on a Catalina 22?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    If you had a Catalina 22 sailboat, what is the furthest away from shore would you take it? Would you take it offshore?
  10. Catalina 22 Headsail Selection

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I bought a Catalina 22 a few years ago, and love this little boat. It is perfect for our lake house where depths are up to 55', and at the dock only a little over 2'. My question is this. I have noticed that above 15 knots of wind she really wants to be on her ears when the gusts...
  11. 87 Catalina 22

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Ahoy. I'm in the market for an inexpensive practical boat to day / weekend sail around the Puget Sound out of Olympia. This Cat 22 just came up for sale: -------------------------- 1987 Catalina 22 sailboat - $6100 1987 Catalina 22 swing keel, with pop-top, excellent condition mostly kept on...
  12. 22 ft Sailboat for beginner

    Introduce Yourself
    I am looking to buy my first sailboat, based on the info below does anyone have a good suggestion? size: 22 ft Ballasted keel location: Portland, Maine (Ocean) - boat will be docked all summer "easy" to sail - a forgiving boat for a fist timer cabin sleeps 2 or 3 comfortably large cockpit...
  13. Finally got 2/3 of the fleet wet!

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    It started out about 0530 with my middle step-daughter telling me she has no shoes to go out on the boat with.....:mad: Oh, well, a brief scramble and we get that taken care of. Now, fast forward to 0730 at Cochiti Lake NM. I have real "fun" Army Corp of Engineers ranger reading me the riot act...
  14. Examining Catalina 22

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    I have gotten the chance to get an older Catalina 22 fixed keel. I have quite a bit of experience around power boats (especially commercial fishing boats in the 30-45 foot range), I have sailed sunfish and small sailboats some and I am a fairly capable carpenter and handyman. This boat has not...
  15. First Boat 2 Options

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hello all, I'm new to the forum, and first boat buyer (20-23ft). This is harder than buying a house :) . I plan spending 4K for the boat and reserve 2K for extras. (total 6k) The boat will be moored so I decided to look for a fixed keel. I live in Miami and plan to use the boat to sail the bay...
  16. Anchor for Catalina 22

    Does anyone know the standard danforth anchor for a Catalina 22. I'm shopping for one and want to make sure it will fit in the locker.