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c&c 34
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  1. Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    I was reading old posts (2008) and saw this comment about C&C 34 vs 35: 12-09-2008 FWIW, the C&C 35 Marks I or II are twice the boat the 34 is... better made, stiffer and faster... I am fairly new to sailing, and looking to get my first boat. I am in North Carolina. I will be doing...
  2. Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    I just placed a deposit on a '78 C&C 34. The Atomic 4 Gas engine was rebuilt in 2006. Sails are new. It has Tiller steering. Gelcoat and hull seem in good shape. Deck was painted, but may need repainting. Are there issues with this gas engine and structural issues that I need to consider?
  3. General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi, I'm looking at my second boat (current boat is a 1986 Mirage 25 -I've been quite pleased with her). I am moving up in size since we spend all of our summer holidays onboard and the 25 is a bit tight on space for 3 of us and all of our gear. My short list is currently between a Mirage...
1-3 of 3 Results