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  1. New to sailing

    Introduce Yourself
    We recently purchased a '68 C&C Redwing 30'. We actually won her in an auction. She needs some work, so it's a good thing I like restoring, building and repairing things. I've restored or rebuilt 4 Ford Bronco's ('74, '78, '79 & '84) and most recently a '76 Hobie 16, "Spirit of '76" model. I...
  2. Inconceivable!

    Cruising Videos
    Lynn and I are documenting our time on our C&C Corvette, Inconceivable. Would love it be seen by actual sailors, as opposed to just our Facebook friends. Hope you enjoy! Sailing Inconceivable #5: Sailing Through New York City
  3. How to buy / fix :: C&C Mega 30 :: Cabin top cover

    C & C
    Hello there all, I bought a C&C Mega 30 a few years back, and it was missing the top cover into the cabin. I have been using a very not amazing plywood cover that tied down with line. Not the best solution. I was hoping to either buy a new one, or figure out how to make a mould and create...
  4. Is this the rudder head?

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have a C&C 35 Mk II, which had an Edson steering pedestal and wheel and which I removed, as I prefer a tiller. It has an emergency tiller which fits over a "rudder head" at the back of the cockpit (see picture here: But...
  5. Newbie in Del.

    Introduce Yourself
    Good afternoon Sailnetters, I'm the proud owner of a 1973 C&C 30 Mk1. Just took delivery this past weekend and rode along from Baltimore to the Delaware City Marina. She won't win any beauty contests, but the rigging is solid and the 40 yo atomic motored 8 hours without a hitch (aside from a...
  6. Good deal? Need advice.

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Good evening ladies and gents, I've found a 1976 c&c mk II 29' sailboat for 5k. The interior is fairly nice and actually clean, which is unusual for that price range I've found. There's minor cosmetic wear and tear on the inside, but it does have some flaws. The diesel engine has a head crack...
  7. Novice liveaboard

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    I appologize this is kind of a repost from the welcome forum. But anyways hello Sailnet Community, I am new to the site. I am also new to being a liveaboard. In April I bought my first Sailboat, a 1978 29' C&C. After viewing several for sale I decided this was the boat for me. Low hours on the...
  8. c&c 99 hull survey question

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    [This was posted to another less active forum, not Sailnet, so my apologies if you have seen this question before.] I had a 2002 C&C 99 hauled out for a survey today knowing that in December 2012 a survey found a void on the starboard side just below the waterline about 1 foot by 6 feet long...
  9. $6,600 to rebuild Atomic 4? replace/rebuild

    Atomic 4
    I just received a quote to rebuild the Atomic 4 motor on my 1979 C&C 34. I was shocked at the $6,640 price tag for this job and I asked them to hold off on the repairs while I consider alternative options. During haul-out this season, it was noticed by the yard crew that the motor was...
  10. C&C 29 - Mark 1 vs 2

    Boat Reviews
    Further to my earlier post about comparing boats - I'm looking at a couple local C&C 29's. One is a 1983 Mark 2 The other is a 1979 Mark 1 The asking price is significantly lower for the Mk 1. I know much of that can likely be put back to the electronics, sails and general boat condition...
  11. Rubbing Compound Question???

    Gear & Maintenance
    :confused: Just bought a C&C 35 this fall. Overall great condition, but definitely in need of a buff. Medium oxidation (in my non-expert opinion). Now my question - what's the best product for this? I went into my yacht yard's ship store looking for 3M Rubbing Compound. The guy working...
  12. Hello, SoCal Racer/Cruiser here; C&C 101

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello west coast sailors, I am from back east and lived and sailed for many years on Lake Michigan. When I first came out here 5 years ago I was racing PHRF on anything I could find. Then I met some awesome sailors of the Farr 30's and STAR Class and kicked around with them for a few...