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  1. FJ Help

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone sailing a 70's-80's Flying Junior would offer up some help with the centerboard outhaul rigging. I haven't been able to figure out if i'm missing some blocks or not and would be greatly appreciative if anyone sailing one would provide some photo's or rigging...
  2. Issues with Centerboard, get filled with water

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello there. I'm totally new in sailboat and this forum. Today had first run out in a lake with family. I have bought Galilee 15 year 1982 few weeks ago, and in general I like it, and condition is great(as I can judge for 1982 boat). We have spent about two hours on water and had no issues and...
  3. swing keel Heritage ketch

    Boat Reviews
    I am the new owner of a Heritage West Indies 38 with a centerboard. I read that only 10 were made with swing keels. Anyone have any experience with use of the Center Board on the Morgan design? Does anyone know where there are any pictures of one out of the water? Thanks
  4. Centerboard mechanism Alden 44

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello guys I just bought a Alden 44 and I have a problem with the centerboard mechanism. Has anybody an idea how it works and or drawings details and the access from the keel? The hydraulic system is working fine but the centerboard doesn't move :eek
  5. The Tartan 40 ( T40 ) Thred

    I just bought a 1987 T40 or Tartan 40, has anyone had any experience on one? I take possession in a couple of months. I'm looking forward to a great summer on the Great Lakes.
  6. O'Day 17 ft Daysailer I centerboard help?

    I am currently repairing a 17ft O'Day Daysailer, and the centerboard that came with it is quite shot. and buying a new one is a bit too expensive... What would be the easiest, and most effective way to craft a new one? and maybe where a handle could be found fairly cheap?
  7. Wanderer / P35 Centerboard Tang Replacement

    Has anyone had to replace the bronze centerboard tang on a Wanderer or the very similar P35? My Wanderer's wore away and I need to replace. I've found plenty of info on replacing the pennant and pin but nothing on the tang connecting the pennant to the centerboard. I'm hoping to find this part...
  8. Washington DC area

    Chesapeake / Central US east coast
    We're moving to the Washington DC area this spring and with the shallow water in that portion of the Potomac, is my 3.5' draft too big? Curious what boats (and what drafts) local sailors have. I'd hate to have to sell my boat but I also don't want to be constant worry of getting stuck. Any...
  9. Cal 21 Removing the Keel

    Hello all, I just acquired a 1970 Cal 21. Considering its age I would like to drop the keel and fully inspect both it and the trunk before launching it. However it is on a trailer and I'd rather not put it in the yard as the closed full/self service boat yard is a good ways from me. So my...
  10. Centerboard repair-Bristol 32

    Gear & Maintenance
    1968 B32 keel/CB # 26. I am in the process of rebuilding my Centerboard cable and pulleys in the trunk and would like some input. System failed this year (two months ago). 25 years ago the same thing happened, or at least I think the same thing happened. My dad had the yard do the work at...
  11. Soverel 28 - centerboard issues

    If you have a Soverel 28 I would like to know how your centerboard is set. Does it hang from a small shackle and cable when in the up position? Does a centerboard claw rest on a pin in the keel in the down position? I am having LOTS of centerboard issues; nearly sunk my Soverel 28 and ended up...
  12. O'day Mariner 19 C/B setup?

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm currently looking at a Mariner 19 for sale and its got an odd c/b setup. Has anyone seen this before? Cheers, Rhys :)
  13. Does this boat look right?

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Good evening from Australia!:) My friend is looking into a trailer-sailer, this is the one: tinyurl . com / qfafpbz I am concerned that this hull has been drastically modified...I wasn't aware of them having a huge drain in the cockpit, a daggerboard or the stern section being open like...
  14. Starter Boat on shallow water dock

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    I've been sailing for about 10 years. I sail flying scots on the Potomac River throughout sailing season, have crewed bigger boats in regatas and have chartered hunter 37's on the Chesapeake Bay from time to time. So I'm not a novice sailer, but I'm not a boat owner, or expert sailer by any...
  15. Irwin 10/4 centerboard info

    Gear & Maintenance
    I purchased my first boat this summer, an Irwin 10/4. The boat is missing a centerboard. It has a shoal keel with 2000 lbs of ballast so it sails ok, but doesnt go to winward that well and the wheel has to be attended to at all times as she tends to wander. I have the boat out of the water...
  16. cb STUCK

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi- Bought a"Bonito", looked it over well - it's very old but is a really fun sail. Having left it in the water, I think that the casing for the CB is swollen - took the cb up to my car. I will let the boat dry out - how can I see if there is a crack within the slot walls, or should I just...
  17. Small Centerboard repair

    Gear & Maintenance
    Just bought a 14' Holder - my first boat - but the previous owner had not secured the centerboard before trailering it home last time out and put a "ding" in the board when it hit the support on the trailer. It's about 2" tall and only 3/4" pushed in, but I know that's enough to cause a water...
  18. 1973 AMF Alcort Sunfish

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    For sale is a 1973 AMF Alcort Sunfish fiberglass sailboat. All serious offers will be considered. The boat's location is Howard Beach in Brooklyn, New York. It sails really well. All of the rigging (sail, rudder, etc.) is included, except for the gooseneck, which has gone missing. Everything...