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charge controller

  1. Is my solar panel dead?

    Electrical Systems
    Bought my Hunter 23 in the spring and am working to get all of the kinks worked out of it. The PO had a two battery bank that was kept charged by a small solar panel mounted on aft cockpit railing. He told me that it used to do a good job of keeping the batteries topped off, but noticed that...
  2. Charge Controller/Voltage Reg

    Electrical Systems
    High Output Alternator & Charge Controller/Voltage Reg I am looking to replace my stock 80AMP Hitachi (Yanmar) with a higher output alternator and serpentine kit. My house bank is 420ah AGM, and also a bow thruster using two batteries. The internally regulated Hitachi is really outgunned here...
  3. Solar and Wind setups...?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello everybody, I am currently planning, trying to calculate and figure out what works best electricity wise, so I was wondering what everybody has on their boats: - What Pannels (how many Watts), Wind generator, etc? - Charge Controller (one or two or more?) - How big a battery bank? - And...
  4. A Guide: Choosing a Solar System for your Yacht

    Electrical Systems
    I've been reading sailnet for years, gleaning little bits of information here and there. One thing that I have done an extensive bit of reading on is solar power. I've learned quite a bit, and since buying my own cruising yacht I installed my own system and am now using it to cross the Pacific...