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  1. battery bank dual charger or triple charger?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Currently in my boat we have 2 x deep cycle 12v 150amh for house and 1 x starter battery for engine to start and a dual battery built in charger. if i run the 2 x deep cycles in parallel can they be charged as 1 battery since it would stay 12v and change to 300 amh? or will i need a 3 battery...
  2. Power Battery Set up for 27ft sailboat

    Gear & Maintenance
    I am looking into changing my 2 deep cycle batteries that keep failing on me. any suggestions for a good battery, inboard charger setup for a 27ft sailboat that doesn't use to much power normally for 2-3 day trips. Always docked at marina with power when not in use
  3. Digital voltmeter as a battery monitor

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hello everybody, I haven't been on here in months but I am very proud to say that I am living aboard my first little boat! Nothing flash, but it's home and very cheap to live and that means I'll have a proper Yacht soon enough! But onto my question, I have two batteries which I need to keep...
  4. Battery Selector BOTH load

    Electrical Systems
    I have two group 27 AGMs dual purpose. So if I drain down my one bank (let's call it the #2 house) running miscellaneous stuff at anchor or under sail... is it harder for the boat to start on BOTH or 1? Does the lesser charged battery drag the start down? Or is it a combined supply? I'd rather...
  5. Solar Power for catalina 27

    Gear & Maintenance
    I am looking to purchase some solar panels to power my cat27. I currently have 2 deep cycle batteries on board. I am new to the solar world and am looking for some advice on what to get to make sure my batteries stay charged.