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  1. Best handheld GPS/Chartplotter under $400?

    I'm going to be sailing a Merit 25 solo on Lake Michigan this summer. I am looking for a handheld GPS/Chartplotter under $400. Would be nice if it was waterproof (not sure if that is the norm now). Im also thinking about getting a AquaLink™ View PLB Model Number: PLB-350C / Part Number 2884...
  2. Chart plotter or IPad

    Gear & Maintenance
    I've been using my old 3GS iPhone with navionics for navigation also my old Garmin gps map76 as a back up. I'm now considering a larger screen option because I now need glasses to view both. People I talk to have mixed opinions some say Ipad because you can do more than just chart plotting which...
  3. Garmin GPSMap 2006c not using plug-in card

    I have a Garmin GPSMAP 2006c chart plotter with the MUS018R Lake Erie - Lake St. Clair chart plugin. The unit has worked flawlessly from when I purchased it in 2002 until today. We were out sailing and when I glanced down I saw that I was only getting the 'base map' display as if the unit was...
  4. Looking for a good all-purpose GPS

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Greetings.. What’s a good all-purpose GPS for cruising? I just retired and have time to do some cruising after many years of racing, I plan to take my 24 foot S2-7.3 from Tampa Bay south to Charlotte Harbor and make my way to the Keys. I have been considering a Garmin 536s, are there other...
  5. Garmin 740s and raymarine x5 wheel pilot connection

    Just about to purchase a new raymarine x5 wheel pilot w/p70 head and a garmin 740s plotter. Has anyone tried to connect these 2 units to each other yet? How did it go? How did they work together? Thanks!
  6. uruno FCV585 Digital Compact Color Fishfinder 8.4 Inch LCD

    News Feeds
    Furuno FCV585 Digital Compact Color Fishfinder 8.4 Inch LCD Furuno FCV585 Digital Compact Color Fishfinder, 8.4 Inch LCD The Furuno FCV585 Fishfinder is a dual frequency (50 kHz and 200 kHz) Digital Compact Color LCD Sounder featuring Furuno's DSP technology. The compact digital FCV585 system...
  7. Cable/Connector Needed JRC 1800

    I am in need of the 10 pin scanner connector (the one that connects to the back of the color lcd display) and would not be adverse to purchasing a whole 10m cable with connector (new or used). I understand the same cable is used on the JRC 1000 and 1500. Suggestions as to where to obtain one?
  8. AIS Unit for Raymarine Chartplotter System

    It is Boat Show time here in snowy Seattle. So I think it is time for me to purchase an AIS receiver to install in my C320. The type of sailing we do on busy Puget Sound and not so busy San Juan Island and Canadian Gulf Islands suggests that an AIS receiver would be a worthy upgrade. I have...
  9. Radar Issues

    Gear & Maintenance
    As part of my outfitting my boat a contest 30 i decided to buy an old cheap radar so i found a autohelm st50 dome for 200 bucks which seemed pretty chea but it didnt include a screen or a cable. Now my question is how do i find those things and do i need an st50 screen or can i use a different...