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check valve

  1. Under waterline check valve problem.

    Plumbing, Heads, Water, Bilges etc
    The water supply to my generator includes a ball-valve and a check valve, which are both located under the waterline and close to the seacock. From the check valve, an 8-10 feet pipe runs to a strainer, which is well above the waterline. Problem 1: Given where it is positioned, the strainer...
  2. Bilge Pump Check Valve Issues on 2013 Beneteau Oceanis 45

    Hi Folks, We love our new Oceanis 45 but we have a problems with repeated failures of the bilge pump check valve. Has anyone else had these issues? and if so, what solutions have people come up with? Replacing the valve hasn't worked as even the best check valve is problematic and several...
  3. Yet another bilge pump thread - Flojet ?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi All... My dissatisfaction with my bilge water continues unabated. Currently, I have a Rule 800 automatic, in the sense that it turns itself on periodically, and if it senses load (due to water) it pumps until the load is gone. This feeds a 3/4 inch hose with a check valve. I know the check...
  4. Sharing through-hulls and pumps

    Gear & Maintenance
    My 50' custom sloop has lots of bells and whistles some of which that I wouldn't have selected in bought new, but do want to maintain. For example, three AC units, water cooled refrigerator, and watermaker. In sum, there are 13 through hulls below the water line, and 11 at the water line...