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  1. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I am new at sailing hoping to learn. I have some knowledge of driving a boat, mostly motor. I spent the last two weeks in Barcelona sailing back and forth to France. If anyone is willing to help me learn or know where to learn that would be great. I am in Chicago. Oh! Today I am buying...
  2. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys, I'm in the west burbs of Chicago. I've been interested in learning to sail for a while now. Just got back from a vacation to Mexico where I rented a hobiecat and I was hooked after that. I had been eyeing a home built boat on craigslist for a few weeks and decided to pull the trigger...
  3. Lake Michigan
    My wife and I are wanting to day sail anywhere near Chicago in early October. Hoping someone will take us out, and then we will return the favor when they want to come and sail the mighty Columbia here in Oregon.
  4. Please Introduce Yourself
    Diving in head first. Looking for suggestions on where to begin to learn while getting her ready for the water. We happened to stumble on an opportunity of a lifetime and couldnt pass on her. Endeavour 32 with a solid hull, clean interior and only needing a good cleaning and a little love. We...
  5. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everybody, Saved up some money and quit the computer consulting job in order to pursue a long-time fantasy of travel/exploration via sailboat. I have day-sailing experience in small boats on Lake Michigan thanks to a club in Chicago, but I'm looking to try out the full-on live-aboard...
1-5 of 5 Results