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  1. Cruising with a family of 4!

    Cruising and Sailing with Children
    Hey! My wife and I have decided we are going to move aboard a boat with our kids and homeschool them for a few years. The boys are 2yrs old and 4yrs old. We've only sailed on charters and never owned a boat of our own so we are looking for some advice on what to get! We went to the Miami boat...
  2. Is the Newport 27' a suitable liveaboard for a small family?

    Living Aboard
    Hello, First post! My wife and I met sailing square rigged tallships (lady washington/hawaiian chieftan) and fell in love with the sea, she turned me on to the book "Sailing the Farm" and we have since dreamed of sea-steading. We now have one one year old son :D I recently found a Newport 27' in...
  3. I shall wear a scarlet P on my chest

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    The P stands for power boat. To appease my wife and kids we bought a 19 foot ski boat this weekend. I am normally excited about boats, but this one makes me feel dirty ... And even though I will always prefer sails to stinkpot, I'm sure it will make our Tiger Lily sad. Now I have the task of...
  4. 5 children on a boat

    Cruising and Sailing with Children
    Hi, Im 17 and a competitive dinghy sailor. I am also a dinghy instructor. My god parents brought there young kids down during the summer and I took them out for a bit of experience sailing. They absolutely loved it! We went for record people in a topper with 5 people and one dog! Hope you enjoy...