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  1. Yanmar 3GMD: Rydlyme or other marine descaler in older engine

    Hi Sailnet, I've recently acquired a 30 year old Yanmar 3GMD which runs at 67C (152.6F) at the crankcase when revved to 1800rpm after a few minutes. This is a little hot for my liking as I'd like to try and get it to 2000rpm if possible - beating into 25knt wind in a very narrow and shallow...
  2. Need advice please, Mylar sail.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello, self taught here, have yet to sail aboard a larger vessel, but hope too in the near future, life long dream to sail/live aboard a larger vessel. I would love living on the water, currently living 100 yards from Loramie lake, not an ideal lake for sailing, dinghy sailing is fine, but...
  3. Environmentally friendly cleaning

    Gear & Maintenance
    My boat is in the water with no immediate hope/plans to remove. I need to clean everything above the waterline but am not sure what to use that will not contaminate the water. I'm sure there are commercial products and I can check West Marine for ideas but I was hoping there were some home...