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cockpit drains

  1. Leveling on the Hard

    Gear & Maintenance
    I know that winter haulout is now 6 months away for most, but as I was getting the boat ready to splash this Spring, I was reminded how the boat is never perfectly level on the hard. This means that my cockpit drains are not draining all the water in the off season. Some water tends to collect...
  2. Cockpit Draining - Below waterline?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I have an Irwin 41 that I'm gradually figuring out, but my most recent finding is that the plumbing from my center cockpit drain goes down into a seacock/thru-hull fitting uneder the waterline at the bottom of my boat. I don't quite understand this configuration. The cockpit sits high out of...
  3. Combined through hull fittings

    Gear & Maintenance
    I'm looking at re-plumbing a 27ft fiberglass yacht with what I think is a very strange plumbing arrangement. Currently there are 2 through hull fittings below the water line (ignoring the head). #1. Combined Engine inlet, sink outlet and two secondary cockpit drains. #2. Dedicated primary...
  4. Drains, valves, and seacocks: weighing the alternatives

    Gear & Maintenance
    As I posted in another thread, my recently purchased 1981 Spirit 28 does not have any sort of isolation valves for the cockpit drains (which are below the water line) nor the bilge pump overboards (which are not). The hoses are connected to 1-1/2" barb-type through-hulls, which appear to be...
  5. Advice on scuppers & drains

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, I recently bought an old 1977 RK-21, similar to the Ensenada 20 and the Balboa 20. I have two threaded drains below the stern and two scuppers in the cockpit leading to the bilge and drains. What I don't know is whether these drains are supposed to be open or closed when sailing, or whether...