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  1. Columbia 28 Outboard Motor Installation

    Columbia & Coronado
    Hi All! Long time looker first time poster. Decided to add a new 9.9 Suzuki long shaft with a Garelick bracket as a kicker motor while removing my Palmer for a rebuild. Hired a couple of fellows of good reputation who provided measurements. Decided to place motor port side of midships...
  2. For Sale: 1965, Columbia 22'

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi friends! I am long time lurker on these boards and I am hoping I have posted this in the appropriate place. We are offering a wonderful Columbia 22' sailboat in sound condition. Unfortunately due to moving away, moving on, grad school, successful business ventures... we are unable to...
  3. Restoration of a 1968 Columbia 50'

    Gear & Maintenance
    I just thought, after some suggestions that I should start a new post to document the progress of the refit/restoration of SV Siren(formerly Music, Doric and Elutheria and a few other names). I am sure this will be ongoing for quite some time, and right now I am just beginning this week, so it...
  4. New Member, New (to us, Columbia C-30, 1972)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I am a 62 year old new member from the Vancouver, Canada area. My wife and I recently purchased a C-30 from a previous owner on Canada's Sunshine Coast, in British Columbia. She is 1972 and named Dawn Treader, not as I have discovered, an unusual name for a sailboat ! We have her on the...
  5. WANTED: Passage around Darien gap

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hello everyone, I am a hitchhiker planning a trip from the USA to South America. I will be departing in January, 2014 and hope to be in Brazil for carnival. The rub is this big chunk of jungle between Panama and Columbia, the darien gap. I am looking for a way around the gap to Columbia...
  6. New to sailnet/ restoring a '76 columbia32

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, My Name is Mark. I acquired a 1976 Columbia 32 last year and have been working to get her restored. This year Im attacking the soft deck spots. Anyone ever used the 8lb foam method for larger voids and then Epoxy inject the boarders? Thought I'd give it a shot in a select...
  7. Columbia, SC prepping for cruising.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello all! I'm a frequent reader of the forum and hopefully more of a contributor in the future. Last year I sold my weekend lake sailor (helms 24) and upgraded to a Hans Christian 33T. The boat is in great shape but not ready for extended cruising. I plan over the next three years to fit her...
  8. WTB Trailer for 22' fixed keel sailboat

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello, I just bought my first sailboat, a 22' fixed keel columbia. Now I need a trailer to get her home from California to British Columbia. Not sure what kind of trailer I will need so any help, suggestions would be appreciated. Thank-You in advance.
  9. tinkering with cabinetry and tabbing

    Gear & Maintenance
    OK, Today I removed a panel behind the stove and opened an area that might have been hidden from sight for maybe 45 years. This is what I found: the bulkhead of it aft (right side on the last picture) is not tabbed on that side, only on the other side (the tabbing on the other side can be seen...
  10. Ahoy from TN newbie :)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey all... I'm a novice sailor from TN, U.S., looking to learn more! Hoping for unpaid crew position w/ experienced captain/skipper, sailing from east/southeast coast of U.S. to Columbia or Venzuela, etc. Yes, I know - it's a long & grueling trip, but I love sailing, I'm a hard worker, &...
  11. chainplate and rigging col29

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, I have a columbia 29 and I think it's about time she gets her rigging changed. The issue is that she has glassed in chainplates. It was fine for the last season but I realized that I don't like it at all as there is no way to inspect them and I have paranoiac tendencies. So I was thinking...
  12. leaky hatch, project?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, The forward hatch on my Columbia 29 is leaking slightly from the box. The box is wooden and is somehow encased in the deck with caulking all around it (see attached pictures). Apart from the leaks it feels fine and solidly attached. I don't know how to un-mount it and I'm not sure I...