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  1. Ritchie Compass light green or red

    Electrical Systems
    Hello you all so I just contacted Ritchie because I am sending my old SP-5 Global compass to get refurbished. He ask me to write in with my information if I wanted a red or green light on it. I asked him what is the difference he stated personal preference. So my question is for you all that...
  2. How many miles?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi Folks, I'm wondering if any of you expert navigators out there could solve a simple geometry problem for us... A person sets sail from one side of the Earth to the exact opposite along the equator, aiming for a very small port, but they are off course by just one degree the entire voyage...
  3. DIY Compass Calibration

    Seamanship & Navigation
    I have a new boat with a pair of Plastimo Offshore 135 compasses. They seemed off by a considerable amount so I researched adjusting them. I followed the instructions where by you follow a known North course and zero the compass, then head south and calibrate it to half of the remaining...
  4. Ritchie Navigator spontaneous destruction?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Anybody ever hear of the magnets falling loose from the card on a Ritchie compass? Ritchie was good about reparing it, but I'm trying to learn whether it's been a common problem. Having your compass suddenly become useless at the wrong time can wreck you. My boat has been on the hard all season...