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  1. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    What a cracking boat! Have you sailed on a Contessa 32 before? We passed Alex Thomson as he was sailing back to Portsmouth. No sign of him though, I think he must have been down below in the warm! Here's the film: Pete
  2. Boat Reviews
    Looking for input comparing the Bristol32 and Contessa 32. Primary use would be for short (7-10 day) cruises around the islands near St. Maarten in the winter when winds are generally strong and can be fairly rough & rolly. Both boats look like they are up to the task and there are some...
  3. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello Everybody, New to all of this. Just returned from Guatemala where I visited a sailor friend who lives on the Rio Dulce and has a sail and rigging repair business there. Went out sailing, became enamored with it, signed up for sailing classes here, and looking for a boat. Right now...
1-3 of 3 Results