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  1. Anywhere In The World, January 1st. Can Share Expenses

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Couple, Jake and Emily, both 24 years old, looking to crew starting in January or February 2017. We are completely flexible till fall of 2017 when we will begin graduate school. (Jake for WaSH Engineering and Emily for Medical Genetics) Available to fly to any location in the world and will...
  2. Cook and Deck Hand Available

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hi All, We are willing to assist with some sailing around mexico/central america/caribbean. I am a cook with some sailing and lots of diving experience, my partner has limited experience but self motivated and fit and healthy (as am I). Both 30yo fun and looking for an adventure. We are free...
  3. Crew Ecuador/Galapagos or thereabouts

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hi all. Last time I went to the Galapagos, I sailed there from Panama, doldrums and all. I'd love to get there by sail again. Anyone heading in that directions from California? I can fly to meet you as well :)
  4. North america to central/south america

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hello. My name is Sofia, I’m a 22 years old, looking to crew on a boat that goes from north America (ideally North east coast of NA) to south/central America. I have been born and raised in Greece and I’ve spend my last 4 years in Montreal, Canada, where I completed my undergraduate degree at...
  5. Camping in a (trailered) boat

    Gear & Maintenance
    Is it possible to cook in and/or sleep in a sailboat that is on it's trailer? This question popped into my head when I was tent camping near a beach (Lawson's Landing, a campground behind sandunes withing walking distance to the water), with my trailered skiboat parked as a windbreak. Could I...
  6. Sailing opportunities? West Coast to Hilo HI

    Crew Wanted/Available
    I am curious about just how likely it would be to join any crew off anywhere on the west coast to Hilo HI. I met someone once who said they had no exp and joined a crew and sailed to HI. I get along well with others, am smart and strong. I take orders well and there is nothing Im not willing...
  7. Crew Available in Costa Rica/Nicaragua/Panama

    Crew Wanted/Available
    My name is Riley. 20 y/o male from NJ. I've been traveling through central America for a couple months now. Looking for a Vessel heading northwards to the US. Willing to meet up almost anywhere in Central and northern South America. I have limited sailing experience. However i'm a quick...